Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Smashy Mashy Pets Series 1 Review

The current squishy craze isn't just for girls with the arrival of Smashy Mashy Pets. A brand new collectible range that will appeal to lovers of all things gross whilst also giving boys the chance to get in on the slow-rise squishy foam action. The very cool thing about these Smashy Mashy Pets is the slime reveal canisters they come in.

Who are the Smashy Mashy Pets

Smashy Mashy Pets hail from Smooshville where the Smooshy Mushys also live, except they are from the grungy part of town where they frequent an underground cafe. The story goes that they came into contact with toxic nachos which changed their lives forever and left them fleeing from a Government run research facility and trying to blend into normal everyday life.   

Inside the Pack

My boys, along with their very girly sister, were instantly impressed when they saw the slime-filled canisters which had surprises hidden inside. Needless to say, they couldn't wait to get them open. Inside you will find a grosser slow-rise foam squishy character, a mystery mate, sticker, name tag and 2 chains. Unlike the yummy scent of the girly Smooshy Mushys, these have a bit of a stink about them. 

Our Verdict

The Smashy Mashy Pets had instant appeal thanks to their packaging and the oozy slime reveal was so much fun to watch. What kid doesn't like the combination of slime and squishy toys? The excitement of opening up the blind packs was huge and the kids loved the funky looking characters inside. The boys always love playing with their sisters' squishy toys so were over the moon to have boy ones of their own. 

The story behind where the Smashy Mashy pets originate from definitely captured the kids' imaginations and I love that it brings both the girls Smooshy Mushy and boys Smashy Mashy collectibles together. 

There are six different pets in the range including a rare mystic cat. The canister is reusable so you can pop all the bits back in to keep them stored safely. I have to say the "toxic" canister itself with its super strength powers is getting just as much play time as the squishy inside so it is pretty genius. 

Where to Buy

Smashy Mashy Pets Series 1 are available to buy from all the usual toy retailers and online from Amazon with an RRP of £9.99 and are suitable for ages 4+ years. 


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