Wednesday, 25 April 2018

High-5 for My Birthday Twins

Last Thursday the Twinkies turned 5, yes 5! How quickly has that gone by? It seems like yesterday we were in the doctor's office listening to not one, but two little heartbeats and watching them wriggle about on the ultrasound screen and now, here we are with our crazy blond-haired-blue-eyed duo who may be small in stature but are very much larger than life, leaving an impression everywhere they go.

Birthday Morning

They very cutely started their birthday with high-5's for being 5 before rushing downstairs to rip open presents and have special birthday waffles topped with birthday candles and sprinkles for breakfast. Excitement overload was definitely the order of the day.

Party Time

The celebrations went on well into the weekend with the Twins first proper birthday party on Saturday. They absolutely loved having all their little classmates and friends there to help them celebrate finally being 5. Both were very specific on what type of birthday cake they wanted. Zoey insisted on a pink strawberry flavoured L.O.L doll cake and Zachary, a green Grossery Gang chocolate cake complete with flies and his favourite Grossery Gang characters on top. They like to challenge me.

I have to admit I was dreading the fondant icing part but it all worked out well and they were delighted with the results.

Five Years in a Flash

The Twins have both come so far in five years from the tiny little preemies they once were. Zachary is my caring, clever, thoughtful little boy who gives the biggest and bestest "golden hugs" and hates tickles while Zoey is my sweet, strong-willed, very bright and bubbly little princess who loves ballet, drawing and making videos (her new favourite thing). Let's hope being five is as fun and fantastically fabulous as they both are.

Zoey - those teeny tiny little fingers

Zachary, so tiny and cute

Happy Birthday Twinkies! I am very proud of you both, my beautiful babies.

Mummy xxx


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