Monday, 19 February 2018

SMASHERS Review, Rebuild & Giveaway

Throw! Smash! Surprise! - that's what Smashers from Zuru, the newest collectables to hit the stores is all about. My three love the little red Smashballs that each contains one of over a hundred wacky sports characters inside. We were lucky enough to have been sent this selection of Smashers to review and the excitement when the kids set sight on them was immense.

We were sent Team Bus which includes two limited edition Smashers along with a Smashers Sports Triple pack and single pack.

What are Smashers

Smashers are basically a plastic ball, made up of six pieces that slot together which you have to physically ‘smash’ to get to the sports-themed collectable character inside.

The “shattered” ball then doubles up as a bit of a puzzle as kids (or their parents) try to put it back together into a ball.

Meet Champ Gold Trophy, Zachary's very special Ultra Rare Smasher

Be warned though there is a knack to getting the ball back to its original shape. It took me a while to figure it out and the kids have yet to get to grips with it so needless to say they have been keeping me busy reassembling them. My top tip is to start and end with a piece that has the Smashers logo on it. I put together a quick how-to rebuild video which will hopefully help.

I do love the fact that they are more than just a collectable though and there is the added challenge of the puzzle ball. It is quite satisfying once you figure it out, I just need to get the kids to start doing the rebuild for themselves now.


There are different types of Smashers including Game Changers, Ball Stars, Bad Sports, Not So Fast Food, Limited Edition, Hard Hitters, Team X-Treme, Super Rare and Smash Gear. Zachary started off well with a Super Rare Champ - Gold Trophy Smasher in his first one. The excitement was immense.

The Smashers Football Team Bus has gone down a storm here. It opens up into a smashers football field which allows you to shoot Smashers at the goal. The boys, in particular, have been spending a lot of time playing with this. As a parent who spends a lot of time picking up toys and finding safe places to store them so they don't get eaten by the dog or vacuum cleaner, this is a very useful toy as the kids can keep up to 50 of their Smashers safely contained inside it when not in use.


The fun doesn't stop once you smash the ball though as there is a whole Smashers World online to explore which is packed full of information on all the Smashers, downloadable posters and colouring sheets, activities including Create your own License and more. There is also a YouTube channel and an app to download along with a Smashers World Facebook page so plenty of fun to be had for Smashers fans.

Where to Buy

The Smashers range is available to buy from all the usual toy retailers including ArgosThe Entertainer and Smyths Toys. With prices starting at £1.99 for the Smashers Sports Single pack they make a great pocket money toy.

Giveaway Time!

The good news is I have an awesome SMASHERS giveaway, the prize includes a Smashers 8pk worth £9.99 and a Smashers Football Tin worth £7.99.

Entry is easy, just follow the instructions below. Giveaway ends on the 5th March at 12am. Good Luck!

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