Thursday, 18 January 2018

Happy 8th Blog Birthday to Mummy's Space

Thanks to Timehop for notifying me of this milestone today.

I do love my little blog, I have had wonderful experiences and opportunities because of it over the past 8 years and it has helped me record some very special memories and life events. 

I remember writing that first post so well, sitting in our old flat in Bayswater, typing single handed on my laptop as I cradled my little sleeping baby Ben in my other arm. My blog was my way of kick starting my baby brain back into action, I didn't really care who read it but I just wanted to write and share pictures and it has grown from there. Through it I have learnt a lot over the years and continue to do so as I embark on my new plans for my blog, it's definitely time for a makeover so watch this space. 


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