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#PowerRangers12DaysXmas - The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Collection

Over the past 12 days my seriously lucky kids have been taking part in a very special #PowerRangers12DaysXmas campaign where they have unwrapping a different Power Rangers toy from the Ninja Steel collection every day. It really has been a case of Christmas come early in our house. I used to love watching Power Rangers as a child and it wasn't until recently I realised just how long these Ninja heroes have been around, did you know 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers?

The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Collection

The Power Rangers Ninja Steel collection is simply awesome with very well designed and excellent quality toys that are perfect for Power Rangers fans who will love reenacting scenes from the show with their ninja accessories and weapons. Parents will be pleased to hear that there is something for every budget so you can pick and choose what is right for your child and bank balance. If you have a Power Rangers fan, you may well be familiar with the fact that Ninja Stars are a big thing, the good news is that additional Ninja Stars included across the different toys are cross compatible which my three were very excited to see. Read on to check out what we revealed every day. 

Day 1: What a fantastic start to #powerrangers12daysxmas with five super detailed Power Rangers Ninja Steel action figures.

The boys were super excited and Zoey's face was priceless when she saw the Pink Ranger as she always pretends to be her when they play Power Rangers. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for Power Rangers fans that won't break the bank then these action figures are a fantastic choice. They have a RRP of £9.99 and can be found in all good toy shops. Zoey and the boys love playing together with them and they are a perfect toy to bring in the car or if you are visiting friends or family as they are small enough to pop in a bag but engaging enough to keep the kiddies entertained.

Day 2: Next up was this totally awesome Ninja Steel 30 cm Red Power Rangers Action Figure with an RRP of £12.99. The kids opened it before school and couldn't wait to get home to play with him. The level of detail in this figure is really great and he has all the features of the character on the show.

Day 3: Saw us opening up the parcel to reveal an awesome Mega Morph Cycle with Red Ranger fully articulated action figure with an RRP £16.99.

The super cool thing about this is that the cycle transforms into a Ninja Star. This was a massive hit with the kids who loved the fact that it goes from cycle to Ninja Star.

Day 4: Next was the awesome Power Rangers Ninja Steel Ninja Blaster  which has an RRP £17.99.

This blaster can launch Ninja Stars for ultimate battle action which we had some serious fun with as we set up some targets and took turns trying to shoot them. It's not just fun but great for developing hand eye co-ordination.

Day 5: This was the very cool Ninja Steel Sword Star Shooter with an RRP £17.99 which can be hidden under the palm of your hand allowing you to use your best ninja stealth skills to make a surprise attack on villains. This was another morning where I felt bad sending the kids to school without getting a proper chance to play with it. I, on the other hand had to do my best parental duty and put it to the test while they were out (any excuse to play with toys) and can report this is lots of fun. It is a little tricky for the twins to load and shoot but Ben had no problem with it.

Day 6: If your little one wants to be a Rock Star Power Ranger then you need to check out day 6 of our #powerrangers12daysxmas which was this awesome Power Rangers Ninja Steel DX Rockstorm Guitar. It is a 3-in-1 blaster, sword, and guitar that includes extreme battle sounds and allows you to fire ninja darts with the epic pump blaster. Cool or what? Zachary loved this one the second he set eyes on it. It has an RRP of £29.99 and is available from Smyths Toys only. It gets a big thumbs up from us.

Day 7: #powerrangers12daysxmas are proving to be beyond awesome. Day 7 and we unwrapped the DX Ninja Blade which has an RRP of £29.99.

The blade not only extends to 24 inches long, has a Ninja Star which can attach to the hilt and be spun just like on TV, but it also makes extreme battle sounds and has light effects. This is one of Ben's favourites and I am pleased to say it is strong enough to withstand lots of robust play as my three definitely put it to the test.

Day 8: Eight days into the #powerrangers12daysxmas and we revealed the DX Ninja Battle Morpher which has an RRP of £34.99.

So what makes this awesome? Well it has hidden weapons for 3 unique modes - sword mode, claw mode and morpher mode and it comes with 2 ninja stars which connect to the Morpher to activate unique sound effects. It is perfect battle gear for Power Rangers fans and was another hit with the kids.

Day 9: The DX Gold Ninja Battle Morpher which has an RRP of £34.99 and is available from Toys R US only.

This awesome Morpher has hidden weapons for two unique modes: blaster mode and morpher mode and comes with 2 Ninja Stars which you can connect to the Morpher to activate unique sound effects. We loved putting this to the test.

Day 10: There was serious excitement when we unwrapped Day 10 of #powerrangers12daysxmas and revealed the mighty Power Rangers Ninja Steel Megazords (RRP £42.99) which combines the power of the five zords to create one epic megazord, just like the TV show.

The Megazord can morph into multiple modes, and any Power Rangers 5" figure can ride inside the cockpit. It includes a Megazord weapon, a figure, and the 5 zords. This is definitely one for any Power Rangers fan's Christmas list of the level of play my three have had with it is anything to go by. There is a lot of play to be had with this Megazords toy, my kids love taking it apart and playing with the zords separately together and then putting it back together again. Hours of entertainment with this one, it is a very clever design which is very true to the show.

Day 11: This was the super cool Ninja Master Blade (RRP £44.99). The wow factor with this is that it is a sword and chainsaw in one.

You pull the chain for the triple blade spinning action and chainsaw sound effects. The good news is it also comes with one Ninja Star, so by Day 11 we have definitely built up quite a collection of these stars as they are included in many items across the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line and are cross-compatible with Ninja Steel Role Play toys. As previously mentioned, the Ninja Stars are a big thing as they unlock features and allow you to use your Ninja powers to their maximum effect.

Day 12: The 12th and final day was by far the most awesome of all when we revealed the amazing Lion Fire Fortress which has an RRP of £119.99 but you will find it at a reduced price at Toys R Us and Smyths Toys at the moment. This is the biggest Megazord playset of all time and has three epic Megazords in one.

There is so much to do with this toy, you can roll into battle in Fortress mode, and fire missiles, then lock up the villains in the stockade. The Megazord is over 50cm tall and has twenty battle features and accessories not to mention awesome battle sounds.

If Ben and Zachary's reaction when they saw it is anything to go by this is by far, the ultimate Power Rangers toy for fans.

Our Verdict

We have loved being part of the Power Rangers 12 Days of Christmas campaign. The toys are amazing, they are engaging and fun for children and encourage role play with the added bonus of helping to develop their fine motor skills and co-ordination through doing things like loading ninja stars, pulling triggers and taking apart and building the pieces of zords and megazords etc, all the while helping to get them up and active pretending to be their favourite Power Rangers Ninja. The fact that the toys in the range are cross compatible is a big win for me as it allows your child to build and grow their collection over time. The quality and robustness of the toys in the range is also a big bonus as they can withstand plenty of rough play. I can definitely recommend the Power Rangers Ninja Steel collection. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent 12 Power Rangers toys to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.


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