Friday, 17 November 2017

Buggaloop - Fun for all the Family

We have had so much fun playing Bugs in the Kitchen since we got it last summer that I couldn't wait to put the latest and greatest version of it by Ravensburger called Buggaloop to the test. Zachary was the first to spot a TV advert for the game when it was released and had his little heart set on it so I was really excited to show him it when it arrived. It was definitely met with cheers and a race to get it out of the box as quickly as we could.

What is Buggaloop

In Buggaloop the aim of the game is to get your little bugs across the trash yard without getting caught by the HEXBUG cockroach who scurries up the loops and tries and catch them.

It all gets a bit crazy, and definitely exciting when the HEXBUG comes along and moves your bug clean off it's path.

Included in the game is a HEXBUG nano, the 3D game board complete with 2 loops, 12 bug tokens, a dice and the all important instructions.

Our Verdict

We had some serious fun and laughter while playing Buggaloop, it is one of those games that keeps you on your toes as the HEXBUG is completely erratic in how he moves which means no one's bugs are safe while playing.

Ben who is 8 and the twins who are 4 years old really love this game. It is suitable to 2-4 players and although it says it is for ages 6 years +, the twins have had no problem following the instructions and playing it. It has quickly become a must play game on playdates and all the kids friends love it too so I think it will be making it's way on to a lot of Christmas lists around here.

Where to Buy

Buggaloop has a RRP of £29.99 and is available to purchase from all the usual toy retailers including Amazon where it is currently reduced in price so grab it while you can! 

*Disclaimer: I received Buggaloop in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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