Friday, 11 August 2017

Jungle in My Pocket Fun!

We were recently sent the Jungle in my Pocket Treehouse Playset and two Blind Bags to review and they have definitely been a hit, I mean how could they not be - they are seriously cute!

Jungle in My Pocket is the new addition to the ‘In my Pocket’ ranges which currently include Kitty in my Pocket and Puppy in my Pocket and these soft fuzzy little jungle animals are cuter than ever. I have found a lot of the collectible toys at the moment are gender targeted but the great thing about these jungle animals is they appeal to both boys and girls which has been proven by Zoey and Zachary's reaction to them - they love them!

Jungle in my Pocket Treehouse Playset & Blind Bags

The Jungle in my Pocket Tree House Playset is packed full of fun activities and also includes two exclusive animals, Rhumba the Indian Rhinoceros and Luna the Red Panda.

Luna loves swinging in the leaf hammock swing and leaping over the log hurdle. Rhumba climbs up the tree stump ladder and slides his way down after keeping look-out in the nest. Together the animals play on the see-saw, drink from the water bowl and the twins favourite bit - they launch fruit from the launcher. The animals even have a special supply of  treats including a berries and banana snacks. I love the fact that this playset is the perfect way for kids to play with as many jungle in my pocket animals as they like as which means they can ensure their new favourite collectibles have a fun base to hang out in.

We were also sent some Jungle in My Pocket Blind bags which my kids loved opening to discover who was hiding inside, every kids loves the thrill of ripping open a blind bag don't they? These make a great pocket money or special treat toy priced at £2.49 and the twins love popping their animal in their pockets and taking them on adventures with us - the range is definitely living up to it's name! Season 1 of Jungle in my pockets contains 25 animals to collect including 4 rare and 1 ULTRA RARE animal which we are desperately hoping to find soon - Zachary loves the whole 'Ultra' and 'Rare' thing when it comes to collectibles.

Our Verdict

The Twins love the Jungle in My Pocket toys, the playset has proven to be a lot of fun and the source of much imaginative play while the little animals themselves are the perfect bring everywhere and anywhere toy. I can definitely recommend this collectible set. 

Where to Buy

The Jungle in My Pocket Treehouse playset (RRP £24.99) and Blind Bags (RRP £2.49) are available to buy online from Flair and the usual toy retailers such as Smyths Toys.  It is suitable for ages 4+.

*Disclaimer: I was sent the Jungle in my Pocket Treehouse Playset and two Blind Bags to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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