Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Twins Nursery Graduation

Well that last year went ridiculously fast and now the twins have officially graduated from their lovely Nursery and are deemed ready for "big school". To mark this big milestone they had a special Graduation Party (kids only) followed by a Graduation Ceremony complete with hats and scrolls. It was super sweet and extra emotional with lots of parents and teachers shedding tears as the little ones marched proudly up to collect their scroll.

Zachary was one of the first up and lined up next to the other little boys he looked especially small but oh so proud.

Zoey followed on shortly and in typical Zoey style loved being in the limelight.

The twins have had a wonderful start to their adventures in education and are very excited to be soon taking the next leap to big school.

As for me, I am totally not ready...


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