Monday, 12 June 2017

The First Rose

Today as I left Tuco out in the garden I noticed a burst of pink above the trampoline, I went out to investigate and discovered the most perfectly pink rose had bloomed.

Our neighbours gave us a gift of this rose plant over 4 year ago when the twins were born but at the time we were so busy with our little preemies in SCBU it nearly died before we finally planted it in the corner of the garden. To be honest I hadn't held out much hope of it ever flowering, but every year it has grown taller and taller despite now being in the shade of the trees which have also been maturing and growing taller and the addition of the trampoline in front of it blocking more light. It was such a lovely surprise this morning to discover it had finally bloomed. This first rose is a perfect pink colour that brightens up the garden and better still there are lots of little buds growing alongside it, getting ready to bloom. It has most certainly brightened up my Monday. 


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