Thursday, 25 May 2017

Mini Stretch Armstrong Review

To say Mini Stretch Armstrong has been a hit in our house is definitely an understatement. He has been the source of much amusement and entertainment ever since he arrived with the poor guy being pulled and stretched every which way and it certainly hasn't fazed him, spring back to size and looking as good as the day he arrived.

The Stretch Armstrong Range is Expanding

The Stretch Armstrong range had expanding even further with the launch of this new 7-inch stretchable action figure and his friends. With the strongest formula yet, these new action figures can be stretched again and again, but always return to their original shape. I was seriously impressed at how quickly Stretch just springs back to shape. To keep things even more interesting Character Options have added some villains, namely the iconic Vac-Man and Stretch Monster along with Stretch’s friend the Octopus, the super stretchy dog Fetch and Mini Stretch Scooby to the impressive new line-up.

Our Verdict

I had seriously underestimated the entertainment factor when it comes to Stretch Armstrong. The kids love it as do every grown up who gets their hands on him. Poof of this was when Zachary decided to bring him along to collect his big brother from a party recently and all the kids went nuts for it, begging their parents to get them one. After having a go themselves the parents had to agree Stretch is a very cool toy and there were some epic stretch-off's done at the party. I have to admit I quite fancy getting one of the full size Stretch Armstrongs now and seeing just how stretchy he is!

Where to Buy

Mini Stretch Armstrong and the rest of the range is available to purchase online from Character priced and has an RRP of £10.99 and you can also find him in stores such as Smyths Toys and Argos.  We are definitely giving him a massive thumbs up. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent Mini Stretch Armstrong for review. All views and opinions aremy own and unbiased. 


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