Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Meet our Peppy Pups Pug

Meet our new Peppy Pups Pug. Cute isn't he? Just look at his big beautiful eyes!

Peppy Pups Pug is a plush puppy dog who is kid powered (yay, no batteries required!) and loves to run, jump and play. His spring action legs, tail and head allow him to playfully bounce along with you when you take him for a walk. He is one very happy looking puppy, super bouncy and waggles about in a fun springy way. He is also very soft and fluffy so perfect for cuddling up to too.

Our Verdict

The twins are really enjoying their new Peppy Pups Pug and he has been the source of much amusement as they zoom about with him, especially as Tuco is usually chasing closely behind trying to join in the fun.

For a plush toy, this little guy definitely has a lot of personality with his sticking out tongue, big eyes and bell and bouncy boingy cartoon like movements.

Where to Buy

Peppy Pups Pug is available from the usual toy retailers and can be found online from Flair with a RRP of £19.99. It is suitable for children aged 2+ years. 


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