Friday, 3 March 2017

Surprise, Surprise it's Puppy Surprise!

Zoey loves animals, especially dogs and puppies so Puppy Surprise from Flair really is the perfect toy for her. As soon as she set eyes on Misty, her very own Mummy Puppy Surprise she fell in love not only with the Mummy dog, but with the first little puppy who had already been born and was waiting to greet her with a bark. Misty is definitely a very pretty beagle style dog with the most gorgeous eyes and soft fur.

The excitement didn't stop there though as inside the Mummy's tummy there were even more baby puppies to be discovered. Zoey and her brothers couldn't wait to find out how many were hiding inside so there was a scramble to get her out of the box and find out as quickly as possible. They were very pleased to find three little pups, so one for each of them to name.

The Surprise that is Puppy Surprise

So what is Puppy Surprise? She is a soft and huggable mummy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter, the number can vary between three, four or five puppies. One puppy in each litter, is clearly the strongest and boldest and makes very cute little bark noises. The puppies can be kept inside or outside the Mummy dog's pouch which Zoey loves. They are all very cute and come accessorised with a sparkly dog collar and their hair and tail can be groomed just like a real dog.

Puppy Surprise comes in a number of different colours and styles so plenty to suit all tastes and great to collect. Below is a list of the variants available.

  • Ellie - mummy dog has white fur with a pink tail and ears 
  • Riley - mummy dog with gorgeous sparkly purple fur 
  • Mia - mummy dog with gorgeous pink fur 
  • Candy - mummy dog with purple fur, purple, pink and blue ears and tail 
  • Misty - mummy dog white fur with brown and black patches, just like a Beagle 
  • Taffy - mummy dog with tie-dyed fur, multi-coloured ears and tail 
  • Luna - mummy dog has pink fur with a star pattern, multi-coloured ears 
  • Cali - mummy dog has white fur with purple fluffy ears and tail

Our Verdict

Zoey has been fascinated by Kitty Surprise and Puppy Surprise ever since she saw her friend's ones a few months ago. They are not only super cuddly soft toys so great to snuggle with, but have that wonderful bonus feature of surprise baby puppies inside. Most young kids are fascinated by Mummy and baby animals, I know playing Mummy and Daddy dogs and cats and baby puppies and kittens is one of the twins favourite activities at Nursery with their friends.

The appeal with Puppy Surprise definitely goes beyond the initial wonderful surprise of how many puppies the Mummy will have. The kids have been loving playing with Puppy Surprise as it allows them to role play the whole Mummy and looking after the baby puppy dogs with these very cute soft toys. Zachary has taken it a step further and decided that Tuco, our little chihuahua is the Daddy, much to Zoey's delight and Zoey even organised a wedding for Tuco and Misty. Clearly Misty and Tuco are very proud of their little of three puppies and I have to say the twins play has been hilarious to witness as they make up their little stories and adventures with their Puppy Surprise. I can definitely recommend this toy, it has and is continuing to be lots of fun for the twins who love to play with Misty and her pups.

Where to Buy

Puppy Surprise is available to buy from the usual toy retailers and has an RRP of £29.99 but I have seen it for £24.99 from Flair plc. We are also looking forward to more exciting varieties launching this year with a very interesting sounding Jungle Surprise on it's way.

*Disclaimer: I was sent Puppy Surprise to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.  


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