Monday, 13 March 2017

Space Wars Aerovane Blaster Review

We were recently sent a very awesome Space Wars Aerovane Blaster by Map Toys to review and it has been a massive hit with all the kids (and us big kids too). The Space Wars Aerovane Blaster is a space inspired shooting set, perfect for space warriors aged 4+. It includes a foam bullet blaster gun and very cool motorised rotating target with magnetic aliens to take aim at. We have been having a lot of fun mastering our shooting skills, taking aim at the rotating array of aliens in a bid to see who will be the Space Wars Champion of the family.

In the box you will find six magnetic targets which you complete by sticking the alien stickers to, the Aerovane which you assemble by attaching to the motor hub, 12 foam darts, a lightweight blaster and a dart clip which holds twelve darts. The motor hub requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.

The Aerovane is easy to assemble, there are no instructions included but all you need to do is look at the picture on the box to put it together and then pop the magnetic targets on. To load the blaster, inset the foam dart, prime it by sliding back the top and then fire the dart by pulling the trigger.

It definitely blasts out the dart nice and powerfully so great for target practice with the Aerovane.

The Aerovane itself moves slowly and I'm glad to say quite quietly, rotating smoothly so making the perfect target. The fact that the target moves is great as it adds a complexity which keeps it challenging. It also helps to develop fine motor skills and reflexes not to mention it is a lot of fun to play with.

Our Verdict

If the amount of fun we have had having target competitions is anything to go by, this gets a massive thumbs up from us. The kids love playing with the Aerovane Blaster as do their friends. The twins who are 4 next month find it a little difficult to prime the darts themselves but their big brother who is 7 has no problem with it.  It can be both played alone or in a group which makes it great for playdates and parties. Zachary who is Storm Trooper obsessed loves the Space Shooter as it matches his little Storm Trooper costume perfectly. I can definitely recommend the Space Wars Aerovane Blaster, it is lots of fun and will be one of those toys that will be played with again and again.

Where to Buy

The Space Wars Aerovane Blaster is available to purchase online from Amazon currently priced at £20.39. It is also worth checking out the other products from Map Toys, they have a fantastic and interesting range of toys on their site. 


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