Friday, 17 March 2017

Our Rusty Rivets Party Fun

Yesterday we helped host a Rusty Rivets Twitter party along with UKMumsTVNick Jr  and other bloggers which was an action packed hour and a half but one that was seriously enjoyed by all involved. You can check out all the tweets from the day using the hashtag #RustyRivetsUK.

During the party we took part in activities inspired by the new Rusty Rivets show where 10-year-old Rusty, along with his best bud Ruby, invents his way out of every jam by repurposing spare parts and found objects into the wildest, coolest, most awesome contraptions ever. The series encourages kids to use their imaginations to design and create fun new gadgets and inventions which is just what we did during our party using the fab Rusty Rivets party pack we had been sent.

To get the party started we kicked off with a Rusty Rivets Memory Game where the kids had to match pairs of cards.

I was really impressed with their team work not to mention their fantastic memory skills to match the Rusty Rivets characters.

Next up we constructed our own robot in true Rusty Rivets style using out of a bunch of recyclable items like boxes, paper cups, cardboard tubes and more to make him.

..and the Robot building ideas begin

This was definitely a team effort and all the kids collaborated really well, making awesome suggestions to create a very cool Robot who we called Rusty, which is packed full of personality.

I think Zachary may want to hold on to his new friend Rusty for a very long time.

After this the kids did some colouring while watching Rusty Rivets on Nick Jr and had fun completing the activity sheets which were included in our party pack.

The final activity of the day was a Rusty Rivets Treasure Hunt where the kids were given clues and had to find household items around the house.

They had lots of fun racing about from the washing machine in the kitchen to the bathroom sink, into the lounge by the TV, upstairs to find one under a pillow and back down again to the fridge in the kitchen and then the kettle.

The party was so packed full of activities it seemed to go really quickly and the kids were absolutely buzzing throughout with so many creative ideas and fantastic energy it was lovely to see. They were definitely all disappointed it was over but the special goodie bags they left with helped to put the smiles back on their faces.

Goody Bag!

Be sure to check out UKMums.TV for lots of Rusty Rivets inspired activities and information and tune into Nick Jr at 4.30 everyday to watch the latest Rusty Rivets episodes. 


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