Monday, 6 February 2017

Playtime with Teksta Micro Pets Puppy

We have always been massive fans of Teksta Micro Pets having first fallen in love with out Teksta Newborn Kitty, but now with the addition of special adventure park which accompanies the Micro Pets you really can get the most out of the little robotic pets. We have been having some serious fun with "Robo" our little Teksta Micro Puppy and he definitely loves showing off his features in his very cool adventure park.


The very cool thing about these little robotic Teksta Micro Pets is the way they respond to your voice, noises such as clapping and when you touch them. The kids love the fact that they are training their little puppy and are very impressed with how he responds to them. In fact he's far more obedient than Tuco, our little chihuahua who likes to ignore us when it suits him. The puppy makes such realistic sounds Tuco jumps to attention every time he hears him and wants to play. It's amazing how much character this little guy has which I think is largely due to his light up eyes which give him a real personality of his own. 

The adventure park is a really good addition, it is essentially a set of tracks including a bridge which you fit together for your puppy to race around or chase his ball about on. The fun doesn't stop there though as you can also transform the tracks into a wheel, pop your puppy in it and watch him go which is quite hilarious to watch especially when you have two 3 year olds and a chihuahua running after it. 

There are four different animals to collect including a Puppy, Kitty, Racoon and Dino which come with their very own adventure parks and the exciting thing is that these playsets can be linked together to create a larger play world. How much fun would that be? They are all super cute too, I think we may have to expand our collection soon.

Teksta Micro Pet Playsets are available to purchase from Character Online and have an RRP of £19.99.

*Disclaimer: We received a Teksta Micro Pet Puppy playset for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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