Monday, 27 February 2017

BRIO Railway Starter Set and Starter Track Pack Review

Zachary loves trains and will sit for hours building tracks and making up his own little stories as he zooms trains about on their journeys. He and his twin sister Zoey have recently been putting the BRIO Railway Starter Set and a Starter Track Pack to the test and have both been having lots of fun doing so.

BRIO Railway Starter Set

The BRIO Railway Starter Set is the perfect set for any little budding train enthusiasts to get up and running with. It contains 3 Figures, 1 Signal, 1 Suitcase, 12 Curve track pieces, 2 Straight track pieces, 2 Slopes, 1 Bridge/Tunnel, 1 Bench, 2 Engines and a Carriage.

It is a great set to get your child used to independently building a classic figure of eight track with a bridge and tunnel. The twins have both been mastering the art of track building recently thanks to this set and have been having a lot of fun chugging the train through and over the tunnel. Zoey loves operating the stop and go signal and getting the passengers to board Zachary's train which they then send off on adventures, sometimes to the zoo, other times to the seaside and their favourite destination of all, Disney World.

BRIO Starter Track Pack

They were definitely delighted when I introduced the Starter Track Pack which allowed them to extend their track with it's 1x Buffer, 3x Junctions, 4x Mini Straights, 1x Long straight, 2x Medium Straights, 2x Small straights and gives them 5 more layout possibilities.

These two sets combined have definitely turned the twins into little master track builders and they are loving it.

Our Verdict

The sets combined contain just the right amount and type of track pieces to allow little kids to gain confidence in independent track building which I have loved witnessing with my two. As always the BRIO quality is evident, with lots of attention to detail paid when it comes to everything from the carriage, figures to the individual track pieces. BRIO products are made to stand the test of time and to withstand the rough play of little children. I can highly recommend these two sets, they are perfect for boys and girls to enjoy, aimed at age 3+ and available to buy direct from BRIO. The BRIO Railway Starter Set is priced at £39.99 and the Starter Track Pack is priced at £17.99

*Disclaimer: I received both the BRIO Railway Starter Set and Starter Track Pack for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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