Thursday, 15 December 2016

Our Own Little Christmas Party Day

I really enjoyed today. It seems like the first day in forever that the twins didn't have any activities to go to so we decided to make everything all about Christmas. We did some Christmas crafting, made a cake that somewhat resembled an igloo, played lots of Christmas songs and got some Christmas crackers that were filled with wind up Santa toys and a game that you could race them in. We even watched The Polar Express again while the kids had a carpet picnic dinner. We definitely had lots of festive fun today.

The Elf and the Sock
Zachary has recently started to hang one of his little socks with a toy inside with the Christmas stockings for his elf Oswald. Last night he left his toy elf in his Spider-Man sock. He quietly does it, not mentioning to anyone what he has done until the following morning when he finds his elf has discovered his sock present. It's so sweet and a very Zachary thing to do. Needless to say he was thrilled when he found Oswald hold his elf toy alongside his sock on the tree this morning. 

10 more sleeps and counting... 


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