Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bizzy Bitz Building Fun

My children love building and spend a good portion of every day making crazy constructions out of various forms of blocks, bricks and magnets therefore I was curious to see how they would get on with Bizzy Bitz which can best be described as a treasure chest full of brightly coloured plastic shapes and pieces which slot and clip together to make the most amazing creations.

The set also comes with a number of ideas booklets which show just what can be done with Bizzy Bitz and believe me the possibilities are pretty much endless. There are instructions on how to make trains, dumper trucks, swings, musical instruments and little people to name but a few.

This Bizzy Bitz 350 pcs Builder Set

We were sent the Bizzy Bitz 350 pcs builder set which includes square tiles, round tiles, triangles, rectangles, rods (two sizes), curves, quadrants, cogs, wheels, windows and smiley faces. I was seriously impressed by the range of shapes and pieces which give children countless opportunities to experiment and explore as they open their mind to a world of creative possibilities. It is so easy to get building especially if you take your initial inspiration from the ideas booklets which definitely sets you on a very productive, creative track. 

To quote the website, "Bizzy Bitz is unique, easy to use and provides endless hours of versatile 3 dimensional creative play and is fantastic fun for all ages. They are great fun for children and adults to play together. Create impressive model masterpieces with the instructions included, or let your imagination run free and build your own amazing creations!". This is a perfect description of the set. I love the fact you can put working wheels and moving parts such as the dumper on a dumper truck. 

Our Verdict

This set  that we were sent is suited to children ages 4 - 9 yrs. I disagree with the 9 year age cap as I would happily play with it at my age. It is a wonderful creative construction toy which supports key developmental needs and has educational benefits through fun play. One if not all of my three children have been playing at some stage everyday with Bizzy Bitz since the set arrived. We have had trains, helicopters, flying cars, mind control necklaces (don't ask), babies in cots, rockets and more. I love watching the new and inventive creations they have been coming up with and I especially love seeing the teamwork when they build things together.

It has to be said the name Bizzy Bitz is well chosen as this box of Bitz is guaranteed to keep kids busy, as you can probably guess from this post, it certainly has kept my three busy. I can without doubt recommend Bizzy Bitz for children of all ages, it's a great one to add to the Christmas lists which the kids will still be playing with long after the festivities are over

*Disclaimer: I was sent Bizzy Bitz 350 pc set to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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