Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Set Sail with the Cadson Wood Play Pirate Island Playset

To say the Cadson Pirate Island Playset has been a hit with my pirate loving Zachary would be an understatement. It is absolutely perfect for my littlest boy who loves nothing better than carrying toys about the house in a bag or box and then sitting himself down on the floor somewhere random and playing. Yesterday while I was making dinner, I stood watching him from the kitchen as he played on the floor in the next room and I had that warm happy feeling as I listened to him talk to the pirates and "hide the treasure in the cave" and go on adventures. It's so lovely to witness his imagination  sparked in such a wonderful way by a beautifully classic collection of wooden figures and toys.


The quality and detail in the Cadson Pirate Island Playset is fantastic making it a real "hand me down toy for later generations to enjoy. It is portable and compact which is a big winning factor for me as it has so much to it, yet can be stored away easily when needed, not to mention how much Zachary loves carrying his "pirates' about.

What is in the Box

The Playset contains a Plywood Box, a Raft, a Cannon, two Pirates, a Cave, a crocodile, a bridge, a treasure set and a boat with pirate. 

These are a fantastic combination of pirate play things to spark lots of imaginative play in children. All the pieces are beautifully painted and made.

Pirate Playtime

Here are some of the ways I have seen my three children, Ben (6) and Zoey and Zachary (2), play with Pirate Island. The boys love playing with the cannon pretending to shoot the pirate in his boat and the crocodile as they dare to venture near the cave with the hidden treasure. Zoey loves putting the "naughty pirate" (as she calls him) behind bars inside the plywood box, sliding the slatted doors across to lock him away and release him again when he has said sorry (she does make me laugh).

The raft with it's two sails makes the perfect getaway boat for the pirate who finally finds the hidden treasure and sails out to sea chased by the snappy crocodile and the other pirate in his boat. Sometimes they catch him and he ends up in jail again, other times he uses his sword to scare the crocodile away and makes friends with the other pirate and they share the treasure, setting sail again on more adventures.  

Our Verdict

I can highly recommend the Cadson WoodPlay Pirate Island Playset, it is a timeless toy that encourages role play and imagination in children of all ages resulting in hours of entertainment and fun for children. It is lovely to see them so engaged in something that doesn't require batteries, make sounds or has flashing lights.

The Pirate Island playset is one of many you can collect, I already want the Fairy House for Zoey and I have to say the Beach Villa and Train set look awesome too so they may be appearing on Santa's wish list this year. With so many to choose from and collect, it is just as well they pack away nice and compactly so storage isn't an issue.

Cadson Wood Play Pirate Island Playset has an RRP of £25 which given the quality, content and detail in the set I feel is a really good price, it can be purchased online at Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I received the Cadson Pirate Island Playset free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.


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