Monday, 17 August 2015

Two Week 365 Catch Up: 214 - 229

The Twins Christening Cake - 214/365
Today was the Twin's Christening and while I should have taken loads of photos it seems I didn't get very many at all so I will be relying on family and friends to have hopefully captured the day. I did however get a photo of the cake which I made for the big day.

Legoland with Nana & Grandad - 215/365
Nana and Grandad came with us to Legoland today which was lots of fun. 

Twin Swinging Duties - 216/365
The twins loved having Nana push them on the swings at the park. 

Plasticine Softeez Bear Monster - 217/365
Today we hosted a Plasticine Softeez Twitter Party which was lots of fun. One of the tasks was to make an animal which Zachary got creative with and came up with a "Bear Monster". Good effort for a 2 year old.

Perfection - 218/365
My little Princess, so perfect in every way. She's come a long way from the teeny 3 pounder she was when born. 

Hungry Hippos Time - 219/365

This morning Ben and the Twins were entertained for ages playing Hungry Hippos, well that was until Zoey insisted she needed to gather up all the marbles and stopped play. Still it was fun while it lasted. 

Writing Practice - 220/366

I have to say Ben impressed me with his writing practice today when he took it upon himself to do some writing. 

Best Buddies - 221/365

Bubble Fun - 222/365
No words needed for this one..

My New Bag - 223/365

A certain little girl has taken quite a shine to my new Hello Kitty Ju Ju Be Right Back change bag. Well she clearly has great taste

Shopping Treat - 224/365

Today we went school shoes and holiday shopping. I forgot how busy it gets this time of year in shoe shops so it was quite a challenge keeping the twins entertained while we waited for Ben's fitting. He has gone up a size since last year, now 11.5. I thought they all deserved a treat after shopping so we headed to a local ice cream parlour where Ben opted for a waffle and ice cream. It was huge, so huge he could only manage to finding half of it. At least it'll get him prepared for the big portion sizes I'm sure we will experience in Disney. 

My Blondie Boy - 225/365

My little blondie boy. He's such a little heart melter especially when he looks up at you with those big blue eyes. 

Kiddy Style Cookies - 226/365

A rainy miserable day calls for one thing, baking of course! We made some very colourful, kiddy style cookies to brighten up our Thursday. 

Twin Tablet Time - 227/365

The twins catching up on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is all loaded and ready on the iPad for our trip to Disney. 

Daddy Dress Head - 228/365

What happens when Daddy is left to dress the twins...

One Fish, Two Fish.. - 229/365

We finally managed to count the baby guppy fries in our tank and it turns out we have five little ones whizzing about. It's amazing to watch how quickly they are growing and changing every day. 


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