Wednesday, 22 July 2015

365 Catch up: 191/365 - 203/365

Sports Day - 191/365

Ben's first school sports day was lots of fun for all the family and ended with a picnic on the field which was perfect for such a sunny day. 

Teepee Time - 192/365
With such lovely sunny weather it was definitely time to get the teepee out. 

Jungle Explorers - 193/365
The Twinkies and Ben are loving their new "secret club" hidden in the trees in the back of the garden. 

Giddy Up - 194/365
Everything is more fun when you have a twin around to share it with. 

Big Brother Hugs - 195/365
They do love each other. 

First Pigtails - 196/365
A certain little girl insisted she had her hair in pigtails and was ever so proud of herself when she did. 

Twos - 197/365
Two hats, two cars, two shoes (his twin sister's) - yep it's all about the twos today.

Some Light Reading - 198/365

Zoey picked up one of Daddy's books today and didn't want to leave it down. 

Sleepy Heads - 199/365

My little Twinkies, as close as can be. 

Party Princess - 200/365

Our little princess Zoey dancing about in her party dress on the farm today. Loving that her hair has finally started to grow and she has curls too like Zachary and Ben. 

Cheeky Monkeys - 201/365

The twins at school pick up time looking forward to collecting their big brother. 

Cowboy Ben - 202/365

For the past week or so I have been hearing Ben tell me about the cowboy outfit they were making in his class for the school fashion show and how one of the kids would get to model it on the day.  He was very pleased with himself when it turned out he was the one who got to wear it and strut his stuff in front of the school. I think Reception Year did an amazing job and I'm very proud of my little cowboy Ben. 

School's Out - 203/365

Finally it's the last day of Reception. I think we are all very much ready for the six weeks holidays. Looking back at photos from the first and last day of Ben's Reception Year it's clear to see he has changed a huge amount in the past 46 weeks, no longer baby faced, he's a real little boy now. 


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