Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Awesome Twinkies

Dear Zoey & Zachary,

Happy 2nd Birthday to our amazing twinkeroos, Zoey and Zachary. What can I say, you are both such little characters, full of fun and cheeky little monkeys with it too. This past year has seen you both grow and develop so much making you unrecognisable from the little 3lb and 5lb newborns you once were. I'm so proud of you two.

Both crazy climbers, you've given me so many frights this past year with your daring scaling of chairs, tables, windowsills and so on, not to mention the tumbles you've taken, especially you Zoey - thank God for Arnica cream to keep the bruises at bay. As for you Zachy, you've already had your first trip to A&E after you cut your lip badly when you fell while climbing Ben's chair which luckily wasn't as bad as it looked.

I love the fact you can talk now. Zoey seems to talk for both of you at times, she's definitely the chattier of the two of you. I find you get frustrated at times Zachy and resort to crying and moaning when you can't say what you want, you're getting more words everyday though and I love how you say "lobe you". 

Zachary, you are so thoughtful and love doing things for everyone. You are brilliant at sharing with your sister and brother and are the biggest sweetheart ever. I love your "squeezy cuddles". 

Zoey, you are a monkey and ever so strong willed. You wind your brothers up so much at times running off with their stuff while giving your cheeky little smiles and giggles as you do. You are ever so caring though, you get so concerned if anyone, especially Zachary hurts themselves. I love how you whisper in my ear and tell me secrets. You're my little princess and always will be. 

Our family is turning into a little gang now you can talk and walk and participate. I love it and I love our daily adventures. Your big brother Ben adores you, as you do him. 

I'm sad we're leaving the baby days behind us but excited about our fun future ahead as you continue to grow and develop. Happy birthday you two, I hope you enjoy your day.

Big hugs and kisses to my birthday babies. 

Love you two,

Mummy xxx


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