Monday, 22 September 2014

We've had a Schleich Dino Invasion

All three of my children are dinosaur obsessed so there was serious excitement in our house when a package containing seven Schleich dinosaurs arrived.

The Dinosaurs 

We were sent a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Quetzalcoatlus, a Spinosaurus and four brand new designs which include a Therizinosaurus a Pentaceratops a light green T-Rex and a green Velociraptor. Each model is as impressive as the next and they make a fantastic collection for imaginary play together. 

The dinosaurs are awesome with lots of details and very sturdy to withstand the most boisterous play ever. Some of them have moving jaws which the twins love and jointed legs and arms that are perfect for pretend stomping and thrashing about. The level of detail is definitely impressive. 

Our Verdict
Ben and the twins love the dinosaurs, as do I. It was really interesting looking them up on the Schleich site and learning about where they originate from and information like how big their arms and legs were and what they ate or how they protected themselves etc. I, for one, had never heard of a Therizinosaurus before and was interested to learn that he had huge forelimb claws, each up to one meter long or half as long as a grown-up man. These toys are not just winners when it comes to how cool they look but also educationally as they make learning fun. 

I love watching Ben and the twins play with them together. They have lots of fun opening and closing the T-Rex's jaws pretending he is about to eat each other's toes, noses, fingers and so on, not to mention chasing me about the hose with them doing their best and loudest roaring noises. 


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