Monday, 1 September 2014

The Happy's Pet Review

We recently got a new pet, a very cute, fun loving and excitable little puppy who we have named Dizzy as he likes to chase his tail. The good news is that when his excitement gets a bit out of hand we can switch him off. Dizzy (original name Bentley) is one of four types of The Happy's Pets which include three adorable puppies and a very cute cuddly kitten.

The Happy's Pets

The Happy's are interactive, faithful and furry friends who play with their owner using Infrared Technology. The Pets follow their Happy Treat towards their owner and perform tricks. The pets have a range of movements. Watch them spin, explore & even do a silly dance to music. Each pet has over 25 sounds.Soft, high-quality plush fabric. They are aimed at boys & girls aged 4+. You can also buy separate accessories for them such as the chase and play tennis ball which I got for ours and has definitely added to the fun.

 What We Thought

Dizzy (formerly known as Bentley) was an instant hit in our house with Ben and the twins. He came with a special blue bone which when pressed makes him spin about and chase his tail, the poor puppy must get terribly dizzy hence our original name choice.

Ben loves getting Dizzy to do tricks for us and the twins laugh so much when we play with him, it's a delight to watch. Zoey always goes nuts for dogs, pointing at them and saying "Pup, pup" when we are out so when she saw Dizzy for the first time she was ecstatic and started clapping. Sometimes when he comes whizzing towards her she gets a little scared and backs off as he is so like an excited little puppy I guess.

The one thing I did find was that the batteries ran out really quickly in the bone which was a shame and this is partly why I got the Chase and Play Ball to use instead as it takes AAA batteries that seems to be lasting longer than the LR44/AG13 small round batteries the treat bone takes.

We have had a lot of fun playing with our The Happy's puppy so it definitely gets a thumbs up from us. You can find all the Happy's range for sale on Amazon or in stores such as Smyths Toys and Argos.

*Disclaimer: I was sent a goody box containing Bentley one of the Happy's Pets and some other treats including a whoopee cushion, sweets and some pencils. All views and opinions are my own.


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