Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Last Day of Summer - 244/365

Today, being our sixth wedding anniversary and the last day before Ben starts big school has made me think just how fast time is going. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary in the OXO tower with me ready to pop, being just a week away from giving birth to my little big boy.

Now is the eve before Ben starts school. He's a wonderful, fun boy, my little buddy who I really enjoy chatting to during the day and he is such a help to me with the twins who totally idolise him. I'm going to miss him like crazy while he's away from me during school hours and so will they. 

Today we made the most of our last day of the summer, enjoying the sunshine in the park, making chocolate cake and playing in the garden. It was fun, lots of fun - a nice way to end the holidays. I just wish it could last a little longer.


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