Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Happy 5th Birthday - A Letter to Ben

To Ben,

Happy birthday to my awesome five year old boy. I hope you have enjoyed your day. There was so much excitement when you woke up this morning and saw your Happy Bithday banners, it was a delight. 

Opening presents before school was a lot of fun but I did feel sorry for you having to leave everything behind as you headed off to school, although I did let you bring your Captain America helmet in the car which made for an interesting trip there as we chatted and you pretended to be one of your current favourite superheroes. 

This is the first ever one of your birthdays that I didn't get to spend all day with you which was strange, not to mention a bit sad, however I did spend all of my time away from you running about organising things for your party next Saturday, baking your birthday cake and well, wondering how you were getting on at big school and whether anything special would happen for your big day. 

You came out of school so excited, as did all the other children in your class clutching a bag of Haribos you gave them because it was your birthday. It made you popular with your classmates, I just hope the sugar rush doesn't do the opposite for me with their parents. We went to the park on the way home with two of your new friends, you had so much fun playing and running about with them it reinforced for me how much your life is changing - you're not just our little boy anymore, it's time to really, properly share you with the world and let you discover more of what you like, who you like and what suits you rather than what we think does.  

You've grown up so much in a year and achieved a massive amount. This time last year you were just starting preschool and now, a year later, you have already completed your first week of big school. You take everything in your stride and have a positive attitude, always willing to try new things. I really hope your teachers  see just how wonderful you are and your personality shines through. You seem really eager to learn and listen at big school, repeating the rules to me and telling me what you have learned during the day, singing the songs, counting and making attempts to spell and do lots of word sounds. As much as I hate losing my big boy for such a large chunk of the day, I really do feel like you are ready for the adventure that is big school. 

I love your sense of humour and the sometimes crazy things you say. You have such an inquiring mind, always asking questions and trying to figure out how things work. You love building and recently have gotten really awesome at Lego building, following instructions and building things I initially thought might be a bit advanced - I'm
impressed. Your favourite movie at the moment is The Lego Movie and it's no surprise your favourite song is Everything is Awesome which we play many times every day. 

The twins idolise their big brother and copy you all the time. As a result they are getting really good at doing things like eating with a fork, walking, running and playing with various toys. You have shown a lot of patience with them, as at times they insist on playing with your toys when you want to, not to mention demanding a lot of my time, especially when you want me too, and I have to juggle between you all. I love seeing the bond between you all grow and I'm very proud of you and how good you are with them.  

This weekend you are having your first proper big birthday party where we have invited all your new classmates along with other friends. You deserve it and it's going to be lots of fun watching you enjoy it. So Ben, my big little boy thank you for being a fantastic son and have a wonderful 5th birthday. Everything is awesome, especially you. 

Love you,

Mummy xxx


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