Sunday, 1 June 2014

One More Sleep until Butlins!

Just one more sleep until our Butlins break, the excitement here is immense.

Ben was muttering away in his sleep last night about all things Butlins from swimming, Fireman Sam to Billy Bear and ice cream - it was so funny but what is he going to be like tonight?

Just for Tots

We are going on a Just for Tots break too which is extra exciting as Mr Maker is going to be there along with Little Tikes and heaps more things aimed at preschoolers. 

Butlins iPhone App

I have been using the planner on the very useful Butlins iPhone app to try and figure out what we should see and when. There is so much to choose from, I just know already it is going to blow Ben's little stripy socks off and I can't wait to see how the twins react to their first Butlins experience. 

This is just what we need - some fun family time where we can enjoy the kids enjoying themselves, being entertained and caught up in the amazing activities and shows Butlins has to offer. I can't wait. 

What I'm Looking Forward To

I'm also looking forward to checking out the Wave hotel - yay for a week or no cooking and housework! I'm dying to try out The Diner as all the reviews I've seen look great and I have a feeling Ben and the twins are going to love the singing and dancing waiters and waitresses. Scoop is  also on our hit list, we are already planning on an ice cream a day. The twins have never been swimming so taking them to Splash Waterworld will definitely be an experience to remember. 

As you can see Ben has been spending a lot of his day planning the break and singing "one more sleep! Hurray!". 

*Disclaimer: I am a Butlins Ambassador and have been invited to stay for a four day break as part of my role as Ambassador. All views are my own and unbiased.


Me , The Man & The Baby said...

Oh you guys are going to have so much fun!! Cannot wait to see all your photos and hear all about it!! :D x x

Mummy's Space said...

Thanks Emma! I just need to get all the packing done now.. So much stuff to bring for Ben and the twins x

Me , The Man & The Baby said...

Argh!! I'm dreading doing it for the 5 of us! 4 was always bad enough! Good luck! ;) X x

Mummy's Space said...

I still have some stuff to pack for me but at least the kids are done. I had to pack all Zoey's pretty party dresses for the Tots Discos of course.. (any excuse). I can't wait to get going in the morning now! Xx

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