Friday, 27 June 2014

Fine Coffee Club Nespresso Compatible Capsules Review

My hubby and I love our Nespresso machine, it is the one kitchen appliance that definitely gets used each and every day by both of us. Chris usually starts the day with a strong espresso shot and I have a decaf to kick me into action. We like good tasting coffee so are rather fussy about what we consider good or bad blends.

The Taste

We tried a variety of capsules from the Fine Coffee Club ranging from a light Roast which is strength of 5 to the strongest being a strength of 9 Espresso.  They also do a really great decaf which still feels strong and definitely not watery like some decafs, I guess that might be due to the fact it is a strength of 8. Most of the capsules are designed for a 40ml Espresso shot but there is also one blend designed for a 110ml Lungo coffee which is the Green Lungo capsule (strength 8).

Each coffee variety we tried was equally as flavoursome as the last, the first thing that hits you is that wonderful coffee aroma as you pop in the capsule, the coffee is full of flavour with a lovely lingering taste and a fantastic caffeine hit. Fine Coffee Club definitely get the thumbs up from us.

The Look

It may sound trivial but cosmetically I really like the colourful capsules, the fact they come boxed in a sleeve just like the Nespresso ones also appeals to me particularly because it means you can store them in Nespresso capsule holders. There was no issue with using them in the Nespresso machine with them fitting perfectly.



I should also mention that the capsules and cardboard sleeve are recyclable. It mentions on the site that "The coffee can be scraped out of the capsule and put in your food recycling or compost heap. Plants really love coffee grounds! They add nitrogen to your compost and have been said to keep slugs away too". I will be trying this tip out.


The Fine Coffee Club claim that "You will always save at least 34% compared to the official site" which is a decent saving on an excellent product. Ordering them is easily done on the website and delivery is by Royal Mail. If you order a hundred capsules or more you qualify for free UK Postage and Packaging which is also good news.


Fine Coffee Club capsules have definitely passed the taste, quality and price test with flying colours. They are a great alternative to Nespresso and won't disappoint the coffee lover in you while keeping your pocket happy too.

*Disclaimer: I was sent samples of Fine Coffee Club capsules in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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