Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cannonball Drop - Garden Fun for all the Family

We were recently sent Cannonball Drop from Big Game Hunters, a very fun and addictive garden game for families of all ages to enjoy playing and have been having lots of fun with it ever since. In fact as soon as Ben sees the sun out he asks if we can play.


Cannonball Drop is best described as Kerr-Plunk scaled up. In the box you will find brighty coloured thick plastic pieces which simply slot together to create a tower. Then all you need to do is insert all the plastic straws through the holes in the clear plastic section. Once all the straws are in place the blue plastic balls can be dropped into the top and the fun can begin. 


This giant game has been designed cleverly, allowing it to neatly pack away. The entire game fits into a box with a useful plastic carry handle which, is only 38cm high and 34cm wide making it easy to store and transport. This game is waterproof and therefore perfect for games both inside and out, the thick plastic is strong and durable and also easy to clean so the game can continue to look new for a long time.

Our verdict

We all love Cannonball Drop, it's fun, enjoyably competitive and you can include young and old when playing. My least favourite part is threading all the straws through the holes but it's worth it when it's set up. It requires some logical thought in approaching the game as you need to make sure the straw you are about to remove isn't going to result in an  avalanche of balls so it's great for getting kids thinking about the consequences of actions. Ben, aged 4, impressed me in that he got better and better at making choices as we played, examining his options before selecting rather than making random swipes at straws. 

To add some extra fun you can introduce the idea if forfeits to Cannonball Drop, for the adults you could even turn it into a drinking game so it's perfect for summer parties and get togethers. I highly recommend it if you are looking for some fun summer garden games, it's guaranteed to add laughter and entertainment to those long summer days that are hopefully on the way. 

You can buy Cannonball Drop online from Big Game Hunters where you will find this and a range of other fantastic garden games, toys, trampolines, playhouses and so on.
*Disclaimer: I received the Cannonball Drop for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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