Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Emma Bridegwater 6-Piece Nursery Set

It was going to take a lot to replace Ben's beloved dinosaur plate that didn't quite make it through it's adventures in the dishwasher one night and suffered a fatal crack. We tried various alternatives but none quite got our four year old son's seal of approval until he put the Emma Bridgewater 6-Piece Tractor Nursery Set from Presents for Men to the test. He loves it.

Design and Quality

The set consisting of a melamine mug, bowl and plate and metal round-ended knife, fork and spoon with melamine handles. The set is decorated with pictures of tractors, cars, lorries and diggers and their names. Parents will also be pleased to hear it is dishwasher-safe and we have certainly put this to the test there with it being washed every night and coming up like new every day with no fading or wear. The quality of the product is immediately evident on inspection, each item is a nice weight, strong and well made with the designs clear and not in danger of wearing off easily.

Kid Tested

Ben loves using this set, he loves all the vehicles and is learning to spell each of them thanks to it. The plate is the perfect kid portion size for dinner or lunch and the bowl is ideal for breakfast cereal, soup or a dessert. The cutlery are solid and a nice weight and size for little hands to use and the cup is great for water, juice or a hot drink like Ben's all time favourite - hot chocolate.

Where to buy

The Emma Bridgewater 6-Piece Tractor Nursery Set is available to purchase from Presents for Men and is priced at £19.99. 

* Disclaimer: I received the Emma Brigewater nursery set for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


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