Monday, 31 March 2014

Costa Food Fun Challenge

Last week we were sent a pretty amazing hamper from Costa which contained lots of yummy goodies from the spring menu so that we could take part in the Costa Food Fun challenge. The aim was to use the delicious cakes and biscuits to make food art. It was definitely fun although quite difficult mainly as we had to resist eating the materials before creating our masterpieces.

The Costa Dude

So where to begin. Our first attempt, well Ben's attempt, was the Costa Dude, a face. I think he did quite a good job for a 4 year old cleverly using the Ginger Muffins as eyes and it certainly got our creativity started.

Perfect Start to the day

Next up we thought Saturday morning was the perfect time to start the day the Costa way with a sunrise scene. It was definitely a team effort with all the family getting involved, making suggestions, trying things out and agreeing on the final scene. I have to say it really did turn into a fun family activity.

To make our picture we used the Farmyard Animal Gingerbread biscuits, some seriously delicious Belgian Chocolate Jaffas, Ben's favourite - the Easter Chocolate Crunch, Marshmallow Crispie bites and the true to it's name - Ultimate Jammy Biscuit.

In the scene we have our little tweety bird, nestled in the tree, our frolicking spring lamb skipping about, muddy pigs and cows coming over the rolling hills all being greeted by the sunrise. Here it is in a bit more detail. 

The Costa Monsta

We love monsters in this house so decided to attempt to make one using a Hot Cross bun, Belgian Chocolate Jaffa and Marshmallow Crispie bites, here's how he came out.

Beep beep! Costa on the Go!

Ben got new shoes on Saturday which meant I had an empty shoe box that came in ever so handy to create a car for the Costa Farmyard crew. The Hot Cross buns were perfect for wheels while the Jaffa made a great steering wheel for our Gingerbread Piggy and his crew. I have to admit my inspiration for this came while watching the twins play with their Peppa Pig car.

Costa Pac-Man Style

We love Pac-Man just like we love Costa so we decided to combine the two to create this food art creation.

On top you have Pac-Man chomping his way to the power pill and below that you have Pac-Man chasing after the scaredy ghosts who are heading in the opposite direction. Here are some more close ups.

The Costa Food Fun Challenge

What did you think of our attempts at creating food art from Costa's new Spring Menu? We hope you enjoyed our efforts. It was definitely a lot of fun and we were very glad to be finally rewarded on Sunday when we got to tuck into the goodies - if you like chocolate I can highly recommend the Belgian Chocolate Jaffa by the way. Yummy, yum yum! 

* Disclaimer: This post is my entry in the Costa Food Fun Challenge. I was sent a hamper packed with a selection of goodies from the Spring menu which launched recently so that we could create our food art. The winner will be announced on the 3rd April on the Costa Facebook page.


NewMumOnline said...

Oh I am in awe of all of your #FoodArt - wow wow wow wow wow. Incredible. I found it incredibly tough and husband was very critical but I tried my hardest xx

Kara said...

Your picture is amazing and kicking myself I didn't do pacman lol Good Luck xx

Lucy's mad house said...

loving the monster and the pacman :)

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