Monday, 24 March 2014

Caffe Cagliari Nespresso Compatible Capsules Review

We were recently some very special treats from Caffe Cagliari to review which included two classic Caffe Cagliari expresso cups and saucers, Nespresso compatible coffee capsule samples, sugar and seriously yummy coffee flavoured sweets.

A bit about Caffe Cagliari

Caffe Cagliari is a family company steeped in over a hundred years of Italian history. I really liked reading the story behind it and especially how Alessandra Cagliari, the great great grand daughter of the founder handles the marketing and packaging today which shows just how strong the family ties still are. The good news is that they now make coffee capsules which are compatible with Nespresso machines and, being a company which prides itself in fine Italian espresso standards, you can rest assured the capsules really are something special.

Our Caffe Cagliari moment

Life in our house is pretty hectic and non stop every day, even at weekends, thanks to our baby twins and four year old son. I guess that is why we have come to appreciate the little things and simple moments like having a cup of good coffee so much. We were therefore pretty excited to be trying out some new Nespresso compatible capsules and having read the background to Caffe Cagliari I had a feeling they were going to be good. 

The pods were individually foil wrapped for freshness and fitted our Nespresso machine perfectly as you would expect. The coffee smelled fantastic as it filled our new and very authentic Caffe Cagliari espresso cups. I was really hoping it lived up to the taste test.

Just after 7am my hubby and I sat down at the kitchen table, baby in arm each, both feeling a tad tired from a sleep deprived night with the twins. I had the Deca, the decaffinated variety, Chris had the Elite, we both tasted it and immediate "ahh" approvals followed. Just what we needed to kick start our day. We agreed this coffee tasted exceptionally good and out of these cups felt like it could be direct from a proper Italian cafe. 


Where to buy

We will definitely be buying this coffee again and if you would like to have your own espresso moment from the comfort of your own home head over to the Caffe Cagliari site where you will find all the products available.

Disclaimer: I received some Caffe Cagliari products for free in exchange for a review. 


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