Monday, 27 January 2014

Perry On Tour

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special little guy who we have been having lots of fun with, meet Perry the Penguin who arrived on our doorstep all the way from Costa Coffee last week.

Meet Perry the Penguin all the way from Costa Coffee

This little dude has been keeping us very busy over the weekend and bringing lots of laughter and smiles our way too.

 London Calling

On Friday he snuck into my husband's pocket and headed on an adventure to London for the day where he toured the city in an open top red bus before making his way to Camden Town where we saw his rebel side come out.

Perry hits London

He only went and got himself inked in one of the many very cool and funky tattoo parlours there. I couldn't be mad at him though when I got to see the design - the penguin clearly has good taste....

Camden Town and Perry gets inked - Before & After

Saturday Antics

Saturday was a little quieter as he visited family in the local Costa.

Family Time for Perry

Saturday night he had a few too many glasses of bubbly though and got himself into a spot of bother with the police. Ooops!

Saturday night, too many glasses of bubbly and a Perry ends up behind bars

Run, Run As Fast As You Can Around the World

Sunday was by far Perry's busiest day. Early in the morning he boarded a plane and embarked on something no penguin has ever done before.

Perry takes to the skies
This loveable and tasty little gingerbread penguin travelled from country to country in record time.

When asked his highlight he said it was a stop off at Skull Island where he rescued some pirate treasure and for some reason catching a yellow cab in New York.

Treasure hunting

Perry catches a yellow cab - something he's always wanted to do apparently

The Gingerbread Penguin Finally Got Caught

Of course the danger that lies in being such a handsome and delicious gingerbread penguin is that you may be eaten, yes eaten! Perry defied so many obstacles while on tour, avoiding many fierce and ferocious creatures. That was until he returned to us after his travels, he was tired and let his guard down and the one thing he didn't expected was the twins, so innocent, so sweet, so cute taking a shine to him and CHOMP - silly Perry forgot they are teething and chewing on anything and everything.

Perry's adventures come to an end thanks to Double Trouble

 Bye bye Perry, you definitely have fans in us.

If you would like to have your own adventures with Perry and be in with the chance of winning a giftcard head over to Costa on Facebook or Twitter or check out the #PerryOnTour hashtag
* Dislaimer: This post is an entry into a competition which is being run by Costa Coffee. They will be choosing their two favourite blogger adventures tomorrow which you will then be able to vote for your favourite on Wednesday and Thursday via their Facebook page. I received 10 Perry Gingerbread penguins to enable me to take part in the challenge. 


Clare Nicholas said...

I love he managed to get around the world ....that song is now stuck in my head! And I'm loving he got himself banged up..naughty Perry!

Mummy's Space said...

Whoops sorry about the song! Perry certainly was a bit worse for wear after his bottle of bubbly, very naughty little penguin indeed ;)

Mummy Matters said...

Lol I love Perry's tattoo 😊

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you! The tattoo was my clever hubby's idea :)

Kara said...

That tattoo is brilliant and one of our Perry's got chomped by a teething baba!

Erika said...

Brilliant, I really enjoyed this post! I think Perry is super cute!

NewMumOnline said...

FABULOUS post - he definitely had GREAT adventures at your house.
Love it!
Liska xxx

Jade Bremner said...

What a great post I love the pictures too they are very good. Deffo a good read post :) xx

Anne (The Gingerbread Mum) said...

Loved Perry's wild adventures with you and you hubby's idea was genius!

NewMumOnline said...

Well done on being a finalist - your video rocks xxx

lisa prince said...

ahahah this is fab , thoroughly enjoyed it thankyou for sharing x

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