Friday, 24 January 2014

Dentinox Eye Wipes - Keeping Baby's Eyes Clean & Sparkly

We were recently sent three boxes of Dentinox Eye Wipes to try out. These are sterile saline wipes which are individually wrapped and come in boxes of twelve. My first impression is that they are fantastic, so useful and handy to have at home and in your change bag when on the go.

Putting Dentinox Eye Wipes to the test

My baby twins have been a bit under the weather lately with colds, runny noses and streaming eyes so the importance of having something kind and gentle to keep their eyes clean has become more and more of an issue. Thankfully Dentinox eye wipes make this far easier. As each wipe is individually wrapped, they are perfectly portable. I always have some with me whether they are in my pocket or change bag and I have lost count of the number of times that I am happy to have them to hand. 

They also come in really useful after a particularly messy mealtime when your baby has managed to rub food in and around the eye area. Zachary is a little monkey for doing this and gets himself into such a state but Dentinox eye wipes always come to the rescue. 

Thinking back to when Ben and the twins were first born they often suffered from sticky eyes which the health visitor told me was due to the size of their tear ducts and although it was nothing serious to worry about, it was important to keep their eyes clean by wiping with cotton wool and cool boiled water. It is in this instance that Dentinox eye wipes would have been so useful, in particular with the twins where simplifying and making things less hassle, especially in the early days was much welcomed. This is why I will be recommending them to all my pregnant friends or new mums.

I would also imagine that if your baby had conjunctivitis the fact that these wipes are sterile would mean that they are suitable for keeping eyes clean (you may want to check with your doctor first though).

Precious eyes to keep clean & sparkly with Dentinox Eye Wipes

Where to buy

You can buy Dentinox eye wipes along with the rest of the Dentinox range of products from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots and many more stores listed here.

Disclosure: This post and review are part of a project with BritMums. All opinions are my own.


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A really lovely review and thanks for posting so quickly. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums @kateonthinice

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Theyre a fab product aren't they.

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So useful, I find them great!

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