Monday, 9 December 2013

Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso Compatible Coffee Review & Discount

We love our Nespresso machine in this house so I was really interested when I heard about the Big Cup Little Cup alternative coffee capsules which are Nespresso compatible. We were sent two boxes of their strength 10 capsules to try - Highwire and Millers Yard.

The capsules come individually wrapped in foul packs. When you tear open one of them wow does the coffee smell great. The capsule slots in perfectly into the Nespresso machine unlike some other alternatives I've tried in the past.

Taste Test

Before even tasting it I knew I was going to like it as it smelt delicious. The coffee is really smooth and lingering. It is clearly made from quality coffee beans. It can definitely compete with Nespresso and the coffee we were sent which was a strength of 10 had just the strength caffeine kick you would expect from such a strength.


Big Cup Little Cup gets a big thumbs up from us on taste. It is quick and easy to order online or by calling 0844 855 3264 with free delivery for ordders over £25. You can choose from your favourite selection of capsules of varying strengths or there are starter and at the moment special Christmas packs you can buy. Big Cup Little Cup claim their capsules are 30% cheaper than Nespresso which is good news for your pocket too. The only change I would like to see is different colour packaging for each variety of coffee so it is easy to tell them apart if you like to store them altogether in a container like we do. I'm also looking forward to trying the decaf version when it is brewed.


If you would like to try Big Cup Little Cup for yourself use the code MAGS0912 to get 15% off your next order (expires on the 9th January 2014).

* Disclaimer: I was sent two boxes of Big Cup Little capsules to try. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest 


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