Monday, 11 November 2013

Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset & GO MIni Stunt Racer Cars Review

We were recently sent the Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset and two GO Mini Stunt Racers to review and it has most definitely been a massive hit with Ben. The playset had three levels to it which packs in lots of well thought out features including music, engine burnout sounds, flashing lights and a turntable that lets your car perform donut spins. There is plenty to keep kids exploring and engaging while playing with it which is what I like.


The Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset requires some assembly but is pretty straightforward to put together with everything clicking into place easily before the all important and fun job of customising it with stickers. Ben loves stickers so this was one task he was eager to do. I, of course, always find myself having to straighten and help when it comes to choosing where to place stickers in sets like this so we avoid complete random selections but it worked out well and the playset looked great when we were done. 

Ben's favourite features

The magnetic wall was definitely one of Ben's favourite things about the Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset.  Like a lot of kids his age, he is fascinated by magnets and thought it was very cool that he could drive the Mini car up the wall and it would stay attached like magic, there were lots of "cool"s uttered and "check this out Mummy" upon discovering it. 

He also loved the hidden trapdoor in the rooftop space which at the press of a button would cause he car to plummet down the chute and out of the dog kennel followed by the sound of the bulldog barking which Ben found highly amusing

GO Mini Stunt Racers

It is worth mentioning that the GO Mini Stunt Racers which we were sent were too large to use in the Crew-zers HQ and are instead compatible with the GO Mini Stunt Launcher, the playset however comes with one smaller car included which lets you explore all it's features and functions. 

The Stunt Racers themselves are fantastic, and a lot of fun on their own and worked especially well on our kitchen and hall tiled floor. They each have two modes; straight line or stunt mode and to operate you just pull them back and let them go. I love the fact they are so portable and have found they are a fantastic toy to pop in my bag and bring with us to keep Ben entertained when visiting friends or family. I love how they are decorated but then again I've always been a big Mini fan so it's not surprising. 


The Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset (RRP £34.99) & GO Mini Stunt Racers (£9.99) cars get a big thumbs up from us. The Playset has some great fun and entertaining features to ensure kids will not tire of playing with it. The sounds, functions, lights and features all come together really well to make it a great toy that will provide hours of entertainment. The Stunt Racer cars are a great choice for any car fans out there who will love their stunts. Both Playset and Stunt Racer cars are suitable for 3 years +.

*Disclaimer: I received the Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset & two GO Mini Stunt Racer cars for free in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my review. All views and opinions expressed here are my own views. 


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