Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Toast - 311/365

I love how Zoey is taking to baby led weaning so well. She is ever so cute in her approach to food and the complete opposite to Zachary. Zoey is very deliberately and gently chooses what she wants to eat, slowly and carefully.  More often than not she examines her food before trying it whereas Zachary tends to quickly grab his choice and get straight down eating it. He bangs his fists on the table in impatience if he drops something he was enjoying or wants more of it whereas Zoey usually picks up something else or give a little cry to let you know she wants something else or when she's had enough. 

I followed baby led weaning with Ben but it definitely is a whole new adventure with the twins not to mention double the mess every meal time. 


my buggy junction said...

aw what a cute picture bless her! i am certainly gonna try out BLW with my 2. one i didn't really do it with Finn.

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you :). BLW is fab, messy and you need patience but so worth it. The twins are loving trying so many different foods and already developing favourites. Hope you are well? x

AK Templer said...

Oh yeah mess was something I didn't fancy with Finn haha but I will brave it this time. Iam ok morning sickness still present but only 15 weeks to go!!

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