Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Nappies

Nappy World Records
Having twins we get through a serious amount of nappies. I have changed so many I feel like my speedy nappy changing technique could break world records. In fact I wonder if there is an entry in the Guinness world records for quickest nappy changing?

Nappy Challenges
The twins have certainly posed some challenges to us along the way when it comes to nappies. The most memorable was on a recent return flight from Ireland when Zachary decided it was the perfect time for a "poonami". My husband so regretted offering to change him that time. Put it this way, he returned with a giggling Zachary dressed in just his nappy. Luckily I had packed an emergency babygrow in my change bag. 

A "Pampers Mummy"
My choice of nappy has always been Pampers, ever since Ben was born over four years ago. We have tried a few different brands when the size we needed wasn't available in Pampers and nothing has ever swayed us to stick with them. 

Being a Pampers Mummy through and through I was therefore very interested to try out the new addition to the Pampers range which are New Baby Sensitive. As the twins were premature they are still quite small with Zoey in size 1 nappies and Zachary in size 2 so we were more than happy to review both sizes when asked.

First impressions
Well they do seem a little softer than the regular Pampers New Baby nappies which are soft to begin with, but the new range definitely have a more cotton like feel to them. They also claim to have up to fiifty percent more skin care ingredients with a touch of aloe which is good news for keeping babies bottoms nice and pampered as they are so sensitive at that young age. My babies have never suffered any nappy rash or irritation which I have to attribute in a big way to the nappies they wear.

Another thing I really like about these nappies and the regular New Baby ones is the wetness indicator, a yellow line along the middle of the nappy which turns blue when wet. It provides a quick, instant way of knowing if baby needs a change without having to disturb them unnecessarily. I have to admit it took me a while to figure out that it existed as in those early days I failed to see it written on the nappy pack and it wasn't until I actually noticed Zachary's nappy had a blue stripe and Zoey's a yellow one that I figured it out. Yep, baby brain.

I find New Baby Sensitive nappies really absorbent, of course there have been some explosive poops along the way but I doubt any nappy could contain them. I do believe there is something extra luxurious about the new range and I am confident using these nappies that my babies bums are taken care of in the best possible way. Check out the Pampers Facebook page for more information and all the latest news from Pampers.  

*Disclosure: This post and review are part of a sponsored project with BritMums. All opinions are my own.


Mari said...

'Poonami' I love that expression :) Thanks for such a great review and having twins myself I know all about record nappy changes ... race you!

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You're on!

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