Sunday, 20 October 2013

Baby Led Weaning Begins

The twins are now six months and a day to be exact but as they were five weeks early some people say you should adjust the weaning start to meet their actual due date. I think they need to be looked at individually and it appears that Zachary is more than ready to embark on his adventures in food while Zoey may take just a little longer to get interested. 

Zachary tends to be a couple of weeks ahead of Zoey in most things so I can't say I'm surprised. I think he is further along with teething too and everything is going into his mouth so finger sized portions of food are perfect. Zoey tends to pick them up, have a look, maybe a little suck and then lose interest whereas Zachary is choping down and loving his first tastes of carrots, celery, breadsticks and bread. 

It's another big milestone reached and making me realise just how quickly the first six months of their lives have gone. Happy adventures ahead though. 


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