Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy 4th Birthday! - A Letter to Ben

To Ben,

Happy birthday to my wonderful four year old boy. Every year of your life so far I get to your birthday and wonder how the year has whizzed by so fast. This year has gone especially fast, a lot has happened and you have grown up so so much especially in the past four months. I am so proud of all the things that you have achieved and the fantastic boy you are turning into. 

You've been super excited about your birthday this year, the most excited I have ever seen you and it's lovely. Yesterday when you woke you told me that you didn't want "to catch a beard like Daddy" because you'll be four and last night in bed you said you'll be taller in the morning and will read the newspaper but won't go to work. 

This morning was fantastic, I loved watching you unwrap your presents and how much fun you have had playing with each and everything you got. You impressed me with your Gator Goal playing and plane navigation while flying your remote control Dusty not to mention the cool and crazy creations you made out of your new Play doh.

Your birthday meal at the Harvester was lovely and thankfully Zachary slept through it so it was easy with just Zoey to feed. You loved playing with your new LeapReader while we were there and I have a feeling that it may well have sparked a whole new interest in learning to read in you. 

Thank you for the fantastic response to your monster cake too. I love making you a special cake every birthday and this year I was determined it wouldn't be any different because I have a lot less time with the twins to look after. I know it wasn't exactly the giant squid or Monsters Inc Mike you wanted but it was made and decorated with a whole lot of love (plus Mummy forgot to get food dye for the icing and red was the only colour Daddy could find on his rescue mission). Your response to it was great, giving it a big thumbs up and we all enjoyed a big slice. 

This year we did a lot, we moved house and you settled in no problem and you became a big brother and wow what a amazing brother you are. Gentle, caring and loving, Zachary and Zoey are two very lucky babies to have you. They already idolise you which is clear in the way that they look at and react to you. 

A big milestone this year was that you pretty much potty trained over night and have been a little star ever since. This year you start preschool too and your first day last Friday went really well. I really don't think I have any worries about you settling. 

I hope you have enjoyed your birthday as much as we have enjoyed spending it with you. It has been a busy, fun packed day. I think the fact you're still singing "Happy Birthday to me" and "Life's a happy song" is a good sign that you did. 

Lots of love my big four year old boy. You make me such a proud Mummy, thank you. 

Big hugs and kisses,

Mummy xxxx


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