Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile Review

The Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile is definitely my number one choice of mobile. It is not only cute with it's little stars and teddies but it comes into it's own at night with the amazing light display and projection on the ceiling.

Cute teddies and Sparkling stars which reflect the lights



The mobile was really easy to put together and attach to the cot. You just click to mobile part onto the arm which then attaches easily onto the cot with a very safe and secure attachment. It requires 4 AA batteries which so far seem to be lasting really well.

Putting it to the test

We have our Sparkling Symphony mobile attached to the twins Stokke Sleepi cot which has a white canopy over it that works like a projector screen and gets transformed into a magical light show at night. The stars and lights dance and bounce about above the babies who get transfixed by the soft twinkling stars and soothed by the lullabies or calmed by the very relaxing nature sounds. They love it and I love watching their reaction to it.

The first time I put Zoey under the mobile she was crying but as soon as I did she stopped which was a relief as I had an emergency nappy situation with Zachary to deal with. The music, the sparkly stars and teddies and the lights all working their magic on her. When I popped Zachary in alongside her the two of them gazed almost hypnotised by the show above them. It is lovely watching their little faces full of wonderment as they stare at it.

A transfixed Zoey

My Verdict

It really is a beautiful mobile. I love everything about it especially the nature sounds and the lights and projection. It provides up to thirty minutes of lullabies, classical music and nature sounds and you can tailor it to exactly how you like with easy to use settings that enable you ti turn off the motion, sound or lights and also to select between nature sounds or lullabies. 

Settings and controls

It definitely gets the thumbs up from me and the babies. I leave you with this video of Zoey loving the mobile.

*Disclaimer: I received the Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions and views expressed here are my own and completely honest and unbiased.


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