Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Feel Revitalised with Lucozade Revive

The "3pm slump"

I recently received a delivery of Lucozade Revive which was I was more than willing to put to the test as since the twins arrived I have been seriously sleep deprived and it has been starting to take it's toll. My two growing little babies like to feed pretty much all through the night and that coupled with a very active toddler during the day means that come mid afternoon I find myself flagging. This is apparently known as a "3pm slump" and it is pretty common to find ourselves getting tired around then. It is at this time of day I always feel the need to reach for a sugary treat or drink to give me a much needed boost, more often than not it is sugary sweets or chocolate so it was interesting to see how Lucozade Revive would stack up.

Lucozade Revive is definitely needed in this house!

What's in the bottle

Lucozade Revive is packed with energy releasing B-vitamins which makes this lightly sparkling drink the perfect choice when you need a little something to cool you down and revitalise you, leaving you ready to face the rest of the day. It comes in four refreshing flavours which are a long way removed from the traditional lucozade taste we are familiar with. These include Lemongrass with Ginger, Cranberry with Acai, Orange with Acai, and Strawberry with Lime and the good news is that Revive from Lucozade is the perfect guilt-free summer drink at only fifty calories per bottle.


Taste Test

I love the different flavours available, each one is vastly different from the last. My favourite is Lemongrass with Ginger which is extra tasty and refreshing. The drinks are all pretty sweet, in particular the Strawberry and Lime, but not offensively so and straight from the fridge they taste great.

Did it work?

In a word, yes. They certainly gave me that extra boost I needed come 3pm. I would put then on par with a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar but I found the effect lasted a bit longer and it is also a whole lot more refreshing. They definitely make a tasty and effective energy booster and a great alternative to sugary soft drinks or snacks. 

*Disclaimer: I received some samples of Lucozade Revive in exchange for a review. All views and opinions expressed here are my own


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