Friday, 6 September 2013

Ben's First Day at Preschool

Today was Ben's first day at preschool, all the parents were allowed to stay to help the children settle and be aware of what goes on during the day. It was also a lovely opportunity to meet the parents of the children in Ben's group and great to share this big milestone with my little man.

Ben was very excited about going and thankfully got ready really quickly and easily for me this morning, insisting on wearing his new Uniqlo kids hoody and very proudly holding his special book bag. 

He was in his element when he arrived and made a beeline for the stickle bricks and spent ages building "mission control". 

When it was announced the kids could go and play outside Ben shouted "yay" and was first out the door. He went to visit the rabbits, Tinkerbell and Pixie Dust, and the chickens first and then headed for the sandpit area. It is a pretty awesome sandpit with a climbing frame, conveyor belt, hanging sieves and buckets with pulleys and loads of diggers and spades to play with. Ben went to work turning the wheel on the conveyor belt first and then had fun with the other kids who were all busy digging in the sand. 

After that he headed inside to play with play doh, snacked on some apple slices and discovered the water fountain which he was fascinated by. Following that he spent some time playing on the computers and especially loved the interactive dancing mouse which he enjoyed colouring in. 

After that he retreated to the mini sofa for a little relax and some more "mission control" building. 

I was really glad that I got to spend Ben's first morning with him, knowing how much fun he will be having while there definitely makes the thought of leaving him on his own next week a lot easier, it was definitely a great introduction to preschool for him.  


Kim Carberry said...

Aww adorable!!

Good luck for next week! Hope he settles in quickly but from the photos it looks like he'll love it :)

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you, it went so well I think he'll be fine and he really seems to like his key worker which is great.

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