Monday, 9 September 2013

A Tripp Trapp Family

You could definitely call our family a "Tripp Trapp family" as around our kitchen sits a beautiful array of Tripp Trapps, one for each of our beautiful children in colours to match them. Lava Orange for Ben as it is his favourite colour, and Aqua Blue and Pale Pink perfect for Zachary and Zoey as these colours have become our twins colours (yes, I am unashamedly sticking to the boy/girl blue/pink stereotypes with these two).

Ben, 4 tomorrow has been in a Tripp Trapp since seven months and in that time it has grown with him along with his love of it, while the twins, four and a half months are just starting out on their Tripp Trapp adventures and have been using their newborn sets for over two months now.

The Newborn Set

As a parent to twins I cannot speak highly enough of the newborn set, I rate it as a top baby product without a doubt. When Ben was a little baby, before the newborn set was available,  I ate practically every meal with him in my arms as he hated being in a bouncer chair lower down on the floor or away from us in his cot. It wasn't ideal but as there was only one of him, it was manageable as I still had one free hand. Unsurprisingly things are the same with the twins, they want to be with us just like Ben did. This meant eating a meal at the table was pretty much impossible or else highly stressful juggling babies between my husband and I, while still trying to maintain some level of normality for Ben who picking up on the stress of mealtimes and not liking it, used to add to it by attention seeking. That was until we were sent the newborn sets to review.

This fantastic addition to the twins Tripp Trapps means that they can now join us at the table and see what we are up to. We can talk to them and pacifying them when they are unsettled and it is when they are sitting in their newborn sets we get some of their biggest smiles ever.

While they may not both stay in them every mealtime, often demanding to breastfeed while we eat, the chances are at least one of them will. We recently started using the toy hanger on them and this clever feature means we can keep the twins entertained even longer in them. In fact, Zoey loves chilling in hers reading books.

I also find the newborn sets a godsend when I need to clean the kitchen or do some cooking or baking with Ben as the babies more often than not demand to be close by me and I can move their Tripp Trapps so they are next to me, this is often the only way I can get tasks which require two hands done. Sometimes face the babies opposite each other and they have lovely long chats or play with their feet, it's lovely to see them interacting like this.

Ben loves having his baby brother and sister alongside him and at his level in their Tripp Trapps and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I see them all sitting next to each other. Thanks to the newborn sets there has been some fantastic sibling bonding going on in our house and I have witnessed some very cute conversations between Ben and the twins as he describes to them exactly what he is eating and how "Mummy will make it for them when they are bigger', the twins more often than not sit looking at him fascinated, gurgling and cooing back at him.

As Zoey was so tiny when she was born prematurely she needs to take daily medicine and being able to pop Zachary in his while I sort Zoey out makes it so much easier. I also do this when I am bathing one of the twins in their bath at the sink. They like it and I am happy they are safe where I can see them.

The Tripp Trapp itself is a fantastic choice of highchair for a baby but the newborn set adds a whole new dimension to it and makes it easily one of the best baby buys ever.

*Disclaimer: I was sent two Tripp Trapps, newborn sets and baby sets in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinion. All views and opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 


Amy x said...

I love those baby seats. I wish I knew of them when my twins were babies they look like they'd be perfect.

Mummy's Space said...

They are fantastic, I can't speak highly enough of them. Love how they grow with your child too! x

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