Friday, 23 August 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights are Mighty Tasty

We were recently sent some Walkers Mighty Lights in three different flavours, Roast Chicken, Cheese and Onion and Lightly Salted to try.

Healthy Option

Like most parents I am always on the lookout for healthier alternatives to regular crisps as not only do I love crisps, but more importantly, my son does too and now he has outgrown or I should say, turns his nose up at healthy options like rice cakes I need to find alternatives. These yummy ridged crisps certainly go a long way to fitting the bill as they contain 30% less fat than regular crisps and are made from real potatoes with no artificial colours or preservatives and of course you have the added bonus that they are a source of fibre. 

Below is a photo of the Roast Chicken flavour nutritional information, as you can see the crisps themselves are just potatoes, sunflower oil and seasoning. Ok the seasoning contains salt and sugar but looking at the breakdown of how much salt and fat, the amounts seems pretty good to me for a tasty treat. 
Mighty Lights Roast Chicken flavour nutritional informatiion

Taste Test

Over the past few days we have been trying out the different packs. I gave Ben a choice of the three flavours to pick from and he decided on Roast Chicken first, I should say this decision was mostly based on the colour of the packet as he didn't seem to care or listen when I told him what the flavours were. His reaction was "Mmmm chicken-y, yummy!" so they certainly are true to their flavour type if a nearly-four-year old can correctly identify the flavour. I can also confirm they were really rather yummy!

Next flavour we tried was the Cheese and Onion ones which Ben gave the thumbs up to although said he preferred the 'chicken-y ones', it certainly didn't stop him demolishing the pack though.

My favourite were the Lightly Salted flavour. Given the choice of regular Walkers I always choose Lightly Salted so I was interested to see how these lower fat ones compared. I really liked them, in fact I prefer them to regular crisps. They are considerably less greasy than normal crisps which is good news not only health wise, but when it comes to kids fingers after eating them which makes them a perfect option for kids lunchboxes. I also like the texture and the crispy crunch of them, they are not too hard or powdery like I find some baked or healthy crisps on the market.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a specially shaped crisp in my packet - you could say I love them and they love me back.

Mighty Lights - the crisps that love you back

All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide.

* Disclaimer: I received three multi-packs of Walkers Might Lights crisps free of charge for the purpose of this review in addition to a payment. All views and opinions expressed here are my own and unbiased.


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