Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Twins: 17 weeks in the World

The twins were seventeen weeks last Friday, twelve weeks adjusted, and are utterly scrumptious. They are both so full of personality, very different and such fun already with the biggest of smiles that it makes all the sleep deprivation and late nights completely worthwhile.

Chats, cuddles and cuteness

They are really cute together now, there are times when they are lying alongside each other after nursing and suddenly spark up a little conversation, with Zoey usually being the initiator and Zachary grinning hugely and joining in.

Zoey definitely likes being the center of attention, and more often than not, if she sees me giving Zachary some attention her little bottom lip will curl down and she will start complaining until I focus it back on her which usually results in the biggest of smiles ever. Zachary had been a bit more tolerant of sharing attention although this past week he has started teething in earnest and just wants to be held a lot of the time so there's been a fair bit of double cuddles and juggling going on. 

Roll with it

Zachary is really making efforts to roll, he manages to manoeuvre himself pretty well around the playmat to get to his favourite toys or in Zoey's direction and with a little help rolls over. I don't think it will be that long before he is doing it all by himself.

Zoey is still happy to lie on the playmats and examine and play with toys hanging overhead or next to her. Her favourite toy is Molly the Dolly and she nearly always smiles when she sees her. I tend to find she follows a week behind Zachary in doing things so I expect her to be attempting rolling pretty soon.



In the past few week since my last update the twins have had their second immunisations which was pretty horrible, their little faces and the sad pitiful way they look at you after the first injection never mind the second is just gut wrenching. I hate hate hate immunisations. 

Ben was with us when they were having their jabs and after seeing  Zachary's reaction to them, he got all protective of Zoey saying she was too small to have an injection and no one was allowed to hurt her. He's certainly turning into a protective big brother. 

Zoey's Hernia

In my last update I mentioned that Zoey has an umbilical hernia which I was concerned about. I was told it would start getting smaller as she gets bigger and sure enough it is already which is fantastic. I think as soon as she starts sitting up and her tummy muscles get stronger it will greatly reduce and hopefully become a lot less noticeable.

Weight Check

Since my last update there have been two weight checks, the first at thirteen weeks which saw Zachary breaking into double figures at 10lbs 8oz and Zoey having a nice increase as well to 6lbs 10.5oz.
Their most recent check was last Friday and once again I was relieved to find out they have both put on weight and are tracking perfectly against their percentile graphs. Zachary is a whopping 11lbs 11oz now while Zoey is a lovely 8lbs. It really seems like we have come such a long way from the 5lbs and 3lbs babies they once were and I am so happy that we have been able to achieve this through exclusively breastfeeding. It makes me smile big time when I look at Zoey and see her double chin and dimples on her knees.

The Funny Things People Say

I find it quite amusing the number of people who ask me if they are twins when they see the size difference. Today alone I got asked four times with one woman looking so perplexed trying to figure it all out I found myself having to explain their weight difference in great detail, my babies really did confuse her. I know Zoey is a lot smaller but still, what do some people think I have done - robbed one or perhaps I am like Caprice with her one surrogate baby and second natural due any day?

A sight that confuses so many

On the flip side I also get people asking me if they are identical, maybe it just becomes more obvious once you have twins but a boy and girl identical?

Passport Photos

This week I got the babies passport photos taken, just so we have them in case we need or decide to fly anywhere.  I took them to Snappy Snaps who take proper baby passport pictures by lying the baby on a rug on the floor and it was so much easier than when we got Ben's done in a photobooth and had to hold him up without being seen in the picture. The only problem I had was getting in the door of the shop and had to take the Bugaboo Donkey apart to get in, still it was worth it, they came out really well even if Zachary does look a little drunk in his.

Until next time here is one last picture of my cuties..


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