Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shortcut to Decedent Desserts and Ice Cream Accessories

We love ice cream and sorbet in this house so I was interested to hear more about the fun new range of Mr Nice Cream accessories from Tesco. These include a great selection of tasty wafers and delicious toppings, from milk chocolate coated shortcake biscuit balls, brownie chunks and fruit flavoured jelly beans, to a variety of sauces for both children and adults.

We were sent one of the Mr Nice squeezy sauces to try in Mango & Passion Fruit flavour which was a hit with both young and old alike. I really liked it on my sorbet treat and Ben loved it on his vanilla ice cream declaring it was very "yummy and tasty". I have also heard that adding a shot of limoncello to it on sorbet gives it an awesome grown-up twist, one to try when I'm no longer pregnant. The Mr Nice Squeezy Sauces can be purchased for £1.49 in Tesco along with a range of other fantastic goodies to jazz up your ice cream desserts or add a little something extra special for kids parties.

If you are looking to create a dessert to impress or surprise friends or family, but like me, could do with a little help, then I highly recommend checking out the Tesco dessert range which includes a whole host of fantastic shortcuts to help create showstopper desserts. The good thing though is that you can still take the credit for them as it isn't all done for you - just enough to help take the hard work out of homemade, so that you can produce a pudding to feel proud of without spending hours in the kitchen.

I have been putting some of these shortcuts to the test which include Finest* Belgian Chocolate Ganache, made with 70% cocoa solids dark Belgian chocolate and British double cream. I used it to ice a chocolate cake Ben and I made and it was delicious and as we had some left over ganache, we poured it into small pastry cases I had in the kitchen cupboard that made a delicious and rather impressive chocolatey desert if I do say so myself.

We were also sent Finest* Timperly Rhubarb, Apple & Ginger Compote which I used to create a crumble, quickly and easily by adding a crumble topping and baking. It was so simple and quick to do I impressed myself. You could also use it in a fruit tart, on pancakes or even stirred through natural yogurt.

For a return to all things retro I decided to use the Finest* Morello Cherry & Pear Compote to add a twist to an old time favourite, Black Forest Gateau (I can't take credit for the idea though as it was suggested on the pack). To make it you simply swirl the Finest* Morello Cherry & Pear Compote through softly whipped cream and use it to sandwich together chocolate cake, a little cheat on a homemade chocolate cake that tastes delicious and is sure to impress anyone who tastes it. The Finest* Belgian Chocolate Ganache, Finest* Timperly Rhubarb, Apple & Ginger Compote and Finest* Morello Cherry & Pear Compote are priced at £2.00 each and can be stored in your cupboard so you always have something in to make a dessert at short notice.

I was also sent Finest* Sparkling Passion Fruit & Champagne Jelly and Finest* Scottish Raspberry &  Kirsch Jelly which I have yet to put to the test. To be honest I am waiting to use these until after the twins arrive as I think they will make a very special celebratory dessert which can be done super easily. I'm planning on making up the jelly mix by adding a little sparkling wine in place of some of the water, pouring into special heat proof glasses, leaving to chill in the fridge and enjoying so watch out for photos. Both the Finest* Sparkling Passion Fruit & Champagne Jelly and Finest* Scottish Raspberry &  Kirsch Jelly cost £1.98 each.

I have got to say, I have been massively impressed by Tesco’s new desserts range, it really does lend a helping hand and lets you create some very special cakes and treats to surprise your friends and family without taking away from the homemade feel. All these products mentioned here and more are available from Tesco stores nationwide. 

*Disclaimer: I received a selection of items from the Tesco Dessert range in exchange for a review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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