Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our Domino's Pizza Party

When asked if we wanted to review Domino's pizza I jumped at the chance. We love pizza but rarely order in as we usually make our own so this was going to be an extra special treat.  I also knew that the perfect time to order it would be when my parents came to visit from Ireland as we don't see them very often and it would also free me from cooking duties without having to leave the house which, at thirty one weeks pregnant with twins is a massive bonus for me.

Online Ordering Process

To order we went online and had a look at the menu, there are seven options to choose from: Deals, Pizza, Sides, Desserts, Drinks, Wrapzz and Movies. 
Online ordering interface
I had a look under Deals and there was a Buy One Get One Free Pizza offer so we decided to opt for this. There are numerous other deals though to suit your needs including Feed Four for £5 Each which consists of 2 Medium Pizzas, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges plus bottle of 1.25l Coca Cola; Premium Large Deal which includes Large Pizza and Premium Side (premium crusts charged extra) and one I hadn't seen before, the Box Office Deal which has a Large pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges and a movie rental. Just click on the Deals to tab to see the current ones as they change daily.

Customise your Pizza

I love the fact that you can customise your pizza and remove toppings or add some to suit your tastes or dietary requirements. For me, this means I can get a cheese free pizza without any hassle and I also noticed you can change the base to Gluten Free which must be a very welcome option for those who are intolerant. They have a range of other base options including the recently introduced Hot Dog Stuffed Crust which sounds like a meal in itself to me and Thin and Crispy if you prefer something a bit lighter. 

Customise your pizza including base, sauce, cheese and toppings



We also ordered a selection of sides including the Strippers Combo which is a full portion of chicken strippers® and potato wedges and dips, some extra wedges and the Twisted Dough Balls ™ - Jalapeno Bites which included six fresh dough pizza rolls brushed with garlic oil, filled with 100% mozzarella and Jalapeno.  One word of warning though, be sure to mention the fact that these Jalapeno Bites are a bit on the hot side before serving them. I neglected to which led to quite an amusing moment when my Dad was caught unaware and turned quite a bright shade of red which had his grandson Ben laughing hysterically. 


When ordering with Domino's you can select a time slot or simply choose ASAP which we did, you can then track how your order is progressing online. (I forgot to take a screen shot of it until after it was delivered but the numbers change colour as they goes through the steps.)
Order Tracker
Our order arrived really quickly much to everyone's delight, it was steaming hot and the pizzas looked exactly as the do in the pictures online which, I have found is often not the case with pizza deliveries where the actual product is miles away from the appetizing photos they use in menus. Most importantly though, everything tasted delicious. I especially love the bases on Domino's pizzas as they taste really fresh and the pizzas themselves are not greasy with the toppings arranged with care and of good quality.

Pizza Party time!

Our overall experience

I have to say it was a really fun relaxed meal, a perfect pizza party which all the family enjoyed. We also had some left over which we popped in the fridge and reheated and enjoyed for lunch. I really could not fault the Domino's pizza delivery experience, the online ordering interface is easy to use and allows for flexible ordering preferences, the delivery was quick and the food arrived hot and well packaged and I could not fault the food itself, as Ben said, "it was yummy!". A real family treat.

* I received this meal for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


Jade Lewendon said...

Yum I do like a good Domino's, just a shame I had so much trouble with my 'review' experience! Your so brave for trying the jalapeno dough balls, I stuck with the pepporoni ones =D x

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