Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Munchkin Bath Time Fun & Clever Click Lock Cup & Snack Catcher

I recently received a bunch of Munchkin goodies to try which included Bath Letters and Numbers, Six Grippy Dots, a Clip Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup and a Click Lock Snack Catcher.

My first impression when I opened the box up was how bright and colourful everything was which makes them instantly kid friendly. Ben couldn't wait to get the goodies out of their packages, especially the bath letters and sticky dots. For him, it didn't matter that the bath toys were intended for bath time play, it made perfect sense to start playing with them straight away.

Bath Letters & Numbers

I love these Bath Letters and Numbers and they definitely add a lot of extra fun to bath time not to mention the educational benefits too which are sure to please parents like me. There are twenty six floating letters (A-Z) and ten floating numbers (0-9) which are made from a soft, durable and non toxic foam and stick to the sides of the bath when wet. Luckily as Ben's name contains only one of each letter we were able to spell it out and stick it to the bath which he loved.

My ever inventive and imaginative little boy also wedged some of the letters and numbers together to make little floating boats. The letters and numbers themselves are a really nice size to play with, not too big or small - just right. Once finished in the bath I just pop all the letters and numbers in the sink and let them air dry which they do really quickly and then store them in a resealable bag ready to use next time.

Six Grippy Dots

These fun, brightly coloured grippy dots are fantastic, not only do they help to stop your toddler from slipping in the bath due to the rubberised textured grips and suction grip base but it also reveals the word "HOT" when the bath water is too hot for baby which is a nice safety check feature. 

Ben loves these dots, both in and out of the bath and has had a lot of fun sticking them to our glass kitchen table, using them while playing with his dinosaurs - apparently they make great puddles of volcanic lava.

Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup

I have been after a truly spill proof cup for quite awhile as Ben loves having a drink close by at all times, often taking one to bed with him and I have lost count of the amount of times they have leaked and made a mess requiring a change of bedding which really does not make me happy. The cup we were sent, with it's blue octopus design and bright colours was an instant hit with Ben. I like the click-and-lock lid which lets you feel and hear when it is shut properly ensuring that it is closed properly.

The cup is insulated which keeps drinks nice and cool which I find important especially on car journeys. It also has a clear outer with colour tinted inner cup so you can easily see the fill level which comes in handy. The cup is BPA free and is suitable for children aged 9 months+.

Cheers from Ben and his new Munchkin Clip Lock cup
So how did we get on with it? Was it truly spill and leak proof? Here are my findings - you can fill the cup, click-and-lock it and turn it upside down without any worry that it will spill. The flip straw does splash a little when you flip it to open, much to Ben's amusement but it was only a little so I didn't have a problem with that and it can be avoided by flipping it open slowly. With the straw out and turned upside down it still didn't leak which got the thumbs up from me. I really like this cup and would definitely buy another.

Click Lock Snack Catcher 

This is a new and improved design of Snack Catcher with the same click-and-lock lid as the Insulated Flip Straw cup. These snack catchers are a must for anyone with a toddler if you ask me. I had the previous version which was great until Ben figured out how to rip the top off but that problem has been solved with the new Click Lock closing.

The lid has soft flaps to allow a toddler to help themselves to snacks without letting any escape and fall on the floor, car seat or buggy unless they decide to throw them there of course. I fill Ben's up with grapes, crackers or other little snacks, he loves using it and calls it his "magic bowl". I find it great to pop in my bag when we are going out and it is perfect for car journeys or even just around the house stopping any unwanted spills.

I love the hidden lid which you will find under the base and folds up to create a secure fit and keeps snacks fresh when not being used. In turn when the lid is folded back under base it creates a soft handle for child to hold which is really rather clever. The Click Lock Snack Catcher is such a simple but genius design to solve a problem which all parents of toddlers face so I highly recommend getting hold of one, you won't be disappointed and will be very glad of the lack of mess and cleaning up after snack time.

Lid on, Lid off, Soft flaps to allow toddler access and prevent spills
*Disclaimer: I received a selection of Munchkin Goodies for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions expressed here are my own.


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