Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Twin Pregnancy - Week 25

Cankles, nosebleeds, tired.. yep that's what the past week has mostly been about. I went to see my midwife today as I was a bit worried about a few things, but after doing some checks she said all was fine and that when you are pregnant with twins you tend to get symptoms like swollen ankles earlier than in a singleton pregnancy due to the extra stress and pressure on your body which makes sense now I've thought about it. Her advice was to get as much rest as I can and, *whispers* "she even mentioned possibly getting some support stockings" which I can assure you will definitely be a last resort as I can't stand them.

I am so relieved I went to see her today though. I never know when you should ring a midwife and I'm always a bit reluctant as I don't want to be wasting their time but I knew I would be worrying myself stupid unless I did this morning. To be honest, it really shocked me last night when I looked down and saw how swollen my poor ankles were, they had completely disappeared. I got such a fright I couldn't even finish my pancake and, believe me, it was delicious with ice cream, strawberries and mint chocolate syrup.

Ben knew that there was something up with me last night and when he woke up this morning the first thing he did was run to me and say "Mummy how's your leg, you ok now Mummy?" which made me feel so proud of him, he really is the most caring, sweetest little three year old. On a funny note he had me in fits of laughter yesterday pretending to look like me, here is his attempt.

Ben pretending to be like "Mummy with her big tummy"
The worst part of the whole cankle thing is that I can barely squeeze my converse on now and I can totally forget about tying them up. The joys of being pregnant eh? Time to get some comfy new shoes I think. At the moment I am craving comfort, especially clothes as my bump is getting bigger and bigger and my tops seem to be getting shorter and shorter to accommodate it. I have noticed that there seem to be a lot more choice in maternity clothes compared to last time I was pregnant with Ben over three and a half years ago. In fact, a few maternity things may just have caught my eye on Vertbaudet today when I was browsing for stuff for Ben's room and wound up in my shopping basket - Ooops..

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Bex @ The Mummy Adventure said...

Hope the cankles calm down! I have outgrown so many of my maternity tops now as they don't quite reach my jeans so hope you have some comfy dresses ready for the end! I am wondering when it becomes acceptable to live in pajamas because I am so ready for that! x

Mummy's Space said...

Thanks Becky, me too - cankles are not a good look for me ;). Dresses are a good idea. Hope you're doing well? You're due next week aren't you? Exciting times ahead! x

Mums make lists said...

Oh I love the picture!

I've just - today - started a new blog hop, The Friday Baby Shower, for all things pregnancy and new baby and would absolutely love for you to link up - new posts and great oldies very welcome

Alice @ Mums Make Lists xxx

Emma Day said...

Never EVER worry about wasting their time. And if you don't quite feel right - call them out every single day until they do something! My ankles swelled up. I knew I had pre-eclampsia but they kept ignoring me. By time I got a diagnosis, I was very ill. I demanded an early induction and it turned out my pre-eclampsia had developed into HELLP syndrome and my organs were failing. The twins had stopped growing 4 weeks earlier, when I noticed the pre-eclampsia. If they had just listened to me - it would have prevented a lot of the complications.

I don't want to frighten you. A lot of twin pregnancies do get the swelling, the heartburn, the nosebleeds, the HG and the SPD - trust me - I had everything in the book! A lot of these things are normal and twin pregnancys are so very hard. But I'm telling you because a midwife and friend gave me one piece of advice - that piece of advice saved my life...

Only you know your body. If you know something isn't right - you make them listen!

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